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Otoplastics are custom-made hearing protection devices used to protect the ears from harmful noise. They are made of soft and durable materials such as silicone or acrylates and are specifically adapted to the unique shape of an individual's ear canal. As a result, otoplastics provide a comfortable and effective solution for hearing protection in different environments.

The main purpose of otoplastics is to protect the prevention of hearing damage. Exposure to prolonged or intense noise can lead to permanent hearing damage, such as hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Otoplastics play a crucial role in reducing the risk of hearing damage by attenuating harmful noise levels.

One of the main advantages of custom-made otoplastics is that they provide an optimal fit. The precise fitting of the otoplastics to the individual ear canal ensures a comfortable and secure seal. This minimises exposure to harmful noise and ensures the otoplastics stay in place, even during movement or prolonged wear.

Otoplastics are essential in various environments where noise can be a problem. Workplaces with industrial machinery, construction sites, concerts, festivals, shooting ranges and motor sport events are just a few examples of situations where otoplastics are important. By wearing otoplastics, workers, musicians, concertgoers, shooters and others can protect their hearing and enjoy their activities without having to worry about the harmful effects of noise.

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When selecting otoplastics, there are several important factors to consider. These factors can help in finding the right otoplastics that meet individual needs and preferences.

One of the key considerations is the type of material used in making otoplastics. Common materials are silicones and acrylates. Silicone is soft, flexible and durable, giving them a comfortable fit. Acrylates, on the other hand, are sturdier and may be suitable for specific applications. It is essential to understand the properties of each material and determine which one is most suitable for your needs.

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A right fit is also crucial when selecting otoplastics. Because otoplastics are custom-made, it is essential that they fit your ear canal perfectly. A good fit ensures a comfortable and secure seal, allowing the otoplastics to work effectively. It is advisable to consult a professional hearing adviser to ensure the otoplastics are accurately fitted to your ear canal.

In addition, it is important to consider specific needs and environmental factors. For example, if you need otoplastics for activities in moist environments, such as swimming or water sports, it is important to choose otoplastics that are water-resistant. If you need communication while wearing otoplastics, consider choosing otoplastics with communication facilities, such as built-in microphones or wireless connectivity. In addition, otoplastics with ambient noise filters useful in situations where it is important to hear important sounds, while dampening harmful noise.

Considering these factors when choosing otoplastics can help you make the best choice to suit your specific needs and environment. An experienced hearing consultant like Ronell can guide you in making the right choice and provide you with custom-made otoplastics that meet your requirements. Contact Ronell today for expert advice and tailored solutions.


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We think these are the best otoplastics!

When it comes to top brands and models of otoplastics, there are several renowned brands that are quality products deliver. At Ronell, we are providers of the best brands in hearing protection. We would like to take you through some of the available variants:

The Silicon Protector

Our Silicon Protector offers otoplastics made of high-quality silicone material

These otoplastics are soft and comfortable, and they offer excellent noise protection. Moreover, Silicon Protector has a diversity of filters to choose from, making them suitable for use in various industries.

soft otoplastics


Another standout design is our Communicator, which offers otoplastics with built-in speakers and audio cables. These otoplastics are specially designed to enable effective communication without annoying noise. Available with different filters, they are ideal for use in transport and other communication-intensive environments.

otoplastics with commuication

Food Proof Protector

For the food industry and related sectors, Food-proof Protector is an excellent choice. These otoplastics are made of resin or silicone and have a distinctive blue colour. They feature a metal ball for detection and a detectable filter. This makes them suitable for use in the food industry, where it is vital to be able to detect otoplastics if they unexpectedly end up in the product.

ronell otoplastics

Aftershokz Headset

For those who want to experience sound without using their ears, the Aftershokz headset is an interesting option. These otoplastics work by conduction, transmitting vibrations through the jawbone. This allows you to communicate in noisy environments without straining your hearing. They can also be combined with hearing protection for optimal noise control.

Shokz headseat otoplasty communication

Or do you go for custom-made?

If none of the above options suit your needs, Ronell also offers custom-made otoplastics. This option allows you to determine the material, filter, detection capabilities and communication options yourself. This ensures a personalised solution that fits your specific requirements perfectly.


Find the best otoplastics at Ronell

With Ronell, you benefit from several advantages, such as an experienced Ronell adviser as your permanent point of contact, fitting, checking and instruction on site without call-out charges, free periodic leak tests and fit check upon delivery.

In addition, Ronell offers integration with communication solutions, smart filters for optimal attenuation and speech intelligibility, 2-year warranty with free replacement in case of leakage within 2 years, and meets the requirements of the recent EU regulation 2016/425.

Ronell offers high-quality otoplastics of various brands and models, and the option of custom-made solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact Ronell, your reliable partner in hearing protection, today. This way, you are guaranteed to have the best protection for your situation!