Customised earplugs

Customised earplugs; this you need to know

Using proper hearing protection is crucial. What are earplugs and why should you choose custom-made earplugs? This page conveniently lists all the information on custom-made earplugs.

Customised earplugs; the addition 'customised' behind earplugs is indispensable. A lot of hearing damage occurs, causing lifelong discomfort to the ear canals. For example, in the form of a squeak or a noise. Or even of (mild) deafness. But it does not mean that this hearing damage is suffered only by those, who do not wear hearing protection. Wearing the wrong hearing protection, or not properly fitted hearing protection also causes hearing damage. That is why we provide custom-made solutions; earplugs made to measure.


Why choose custom-made earplugs? Before we can answer this question, first some more information on what earplugs are. Earplugs come in all shapes and sizes. For example, they are used by visitors to music festivals or fireworks shows. But also those who have trouble falling asleep use earplugs that shield them from ambient noise.

These do not constitute professional earplugs. The earplugs we refer to and produce are aimed at warding off hearing damage in the workplace. For example, due to noise from machinery. In professional jargon, they are also regularly referred to as 'otoplastics'.


So the users of our custom-made earplugs are not festival-goers, but hard workers who are in noisy conditions every day. In most cases, they use the earplugs on a daily basis. This is why customisation is very important. There should be no sound leakage. Custom-made earplugs ensure the right hearing protection. In contrast, earplugs that do not fit properly will cause lifelong hearing damage.

How do we ensure customisation?

Fitting earplugs (also called otoplastics We carry out our standard procedure, namely fitting, production, delivery and leak testing. We briefly explain these steps of fitting earplugs:


For fitting earplugs, one of our consultants will visit you at your premises. The starting point for fitting is a sound measurement. Peak volumes as well as averages are recorded. This information comes in handy when putting together the earplug. For example, the choice of filter type.

Next, our consultant will measure your employees' ear canals and ears. By means of an impression, we get a perfect representation of the ear. We use this impression in the next step of fitting earplugs, namely: production.


Prints of the ears are taken to the laboratory and placed in a 3D scanner. The 3D printer then produces an exact copy of the print. The earplug is then further dressed with the supplies, such as the filter. Any wishes are also added here. Such as a carrying cord.


We stand for quality. That is why we do not send the earplugs in a parcel, but our advisers get in the car for personal delivery of the custom-made earplugs. During the delivery, our advisor has the opportunity to explain how to use them.

Engelste vertaling lektesten

Another advantage of on-site delivery is that we can immediately measure whether the earplugs are fully custom-made. We do this by means of leak tests. We conduct these leak tests annually and free of charge. We also offer a two-year fit guarantee. Do the earplugs no longer fit correctly within this period? Then you are entitled to replacement.

Advantages of customised earplugs

Now that we know exactly what custom-made earplugs are and how they are produced, we would like to outline the benefits of custom-made earplugs:

  • Protects hearing during intensive contact with loud noises.
  • Protects better than universal hearing protection products, due to the 100% customised fit of the earplugs to the end user's ear canal.
  • Are comfortable due to the customisation, which contributes to wearing them more intensively.
  • Are checked annually through our free leak tests.

We are happy to visit

Would you like to know more about custom-made earplugs? One of our seven advisers will be happy to visit you at your premises without any obligation. Based on our experience (more than twenty years) and our excellent expertise, we will be happy to advise you on the best hearing protection for your (your employees') working conditions. Also take a look at our frequently asked questions (Note: earplugs are referred to as otoplastics here). Or read the experiences of our customers at this page.