Performing noise measurements at your (work) site?

Performing noise measurements at your site?

We understand how crucial a healthy work environment is for well-being. Did you know that prolonged exposure to noise can not only affect your hearing, but also lead to other health problems such as stress and concentration disorders? In occupations ranging from construction worker to musician, the risk of hearing damage is significant. It is therefore essential to regularly noise research execute.

Under Dutch law, you are as an employer obliged to prevent hearing damage. This means that at noise levels above 80 dB(A), you should offer hearing protection to your employees. And at levels above 85 dB(A), wearing hearing protection even mandatory.

At Ronell, we take this responsibility seriously. We carry out detailed noise measurements and offer practical solutions to control noise levels in your workplace. Our goal? A safer, healthier working environment where you and your colleagues can thrive without worrying about hearing damage.


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How does noise actually affect the workplace?

Prolonged exposure to noise can lead to stress, fatigue and even hypertension, all of which can affect efficiency and well-being in the workplace.

Moreover, a noisy environment can cause the communication between employees complicate, which is essential for smooth and safe operations. Errors and misunderstandings can increase, which not only lowers productivity but also increases the risk of accidents.

By regularly noise research to be carried out, you can minimise these risks. You will gain insight into the noise levels your employees are exposed to and can take effective measures to reduce them. This is not only good for the well-being of your employees, but it also contributes to more efficient, safer and ultimately more profitable operations.


Need a noise survey? This is how we do it

At Ronell, we take a unique and effective approach to noise research that focuses on targeted noise measurements and running line analysis. This method allows us to get an accurate and comprehensive picture of the sound environment within your company.

Our noise measurements are carried out with sophisticated equipment that accurately records noise levels in different parts of your business. We measure not only the general noise level, but also focus on specific sources of noise. This can range from machines and equipment to conversations and people's movements. This targeted approach allows us to precisely identify which areas or activities make the biggest contribution to noise levels and where interventions will be most effective.

In addition to noise measurements, we also conduct a running line analysis out. This includes the movement patterns of workers follow to understand how they Interacting with different sound sources during their working day. This analysis helps us determine how noise exposure varies depending on the location and tasks of workers. It allows us to identify specific risk areas and recommend targeted measures to reduce exposure to harmful noise.

By this combined approach of targeted noise measurement and running line analysis, Ronell offers a thorough and effective strategy to assess and improve the sound environment in your company. Our goal is not only to meet legal standards, but also to create a healthier, more pleasant and productive working environment for you and your employees.



At Ronell, we fit the NEN-EN-ISO 9612 standard by using advanced measurement equipment and methods specifically designed to meet the requirements of this standard. We ensure that all relevant noise sources and variables are included in our measurements. This enables us to get a detailed and accurate picture of the noise environment in your business, and develop effective and personalised noise control strategies based on this.

By using the NEN-EN-ISO 9612 standard as our standard, we ensure that your company not only complies with current regulations, but also provides a safer and healthier working environment for all your employees.


What is NEN-EN-ISO 9612?

The NEN-EN-ISO 9612 standard is an internationally recognised standard for measuring workplace noise levels. This standard provides guidelines for performing accurate noise measurements, with specific attention to the variability in working environments and the different types of noise sources that may be present. The aim of this standard is to provide a reliable, reproducible method for assessing workers' noise exposure, which is essential for developing effective noise control strategies.


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Our whole-day method

At Ronell, we use the whole-day-method for a comprehensive sound analysis. This method means that during one full working day perform noise measurements. This allows us to get a complete picture of workers' noise exposure in different situations and at different times.

These are the advantages of our method

  1. Get a full overview. By taking measurements over an entire working day, we can capture variations in noise levels that occur throughout the day.
  2. Accurate assessment. This method provides a more accurate picture of workers' actual noise exposure, which is essential for effective preventive measures.
  3. For our noise measurements, we use the Casella DoseBadge Pro, an advanced tool for noise measurement.


Casella DoseBadge Pro?

The DoseBadge Pro is small, light and wireless, which means minimal disturbance for the wearer.It accurately records noise levels and provides detailed information on noise exposure. Before and after each measurement, the DoseBadge Pro is calibrated to ensure accuracy. The device continuously records noise levels, giving us a detailed overview of exposure throughout the day.


Need a noise survey?

If you are interested in a professional noise survey, Ronell is your ideal partner. We'll take the time to discuss your specific needs and the scope of the survey required, so that we can tailor a plan that perfectly fits your situation.

We then jointly plan the execution of the noise survey at your location. Afterwards, we provide you with a detailed report and expert advice on the next steps.

With Ronell, you choose a careful approach and expert guidance at each stage of the noise study.

Sound testing at your location?

At Ronell, you start with a simple contact request, after which we will discuss your needs together, conduct the noise survey on site, and conclude with a detailed report and expert advice for next steps.