Custom-made earplugs

When are custom-made earplugs mandatory?

Custom-made earplugs; of unprecedented importance. Perhaps this statement seems like a cliché, but especially those who have paid too little attention to hearing protection will be happy to underline it wholeheartedly. It prevents lifelong suffering from hearing damage, such as a ringing in the ears or even deafness.

Everything you need to know about custom-made earplugs can be found on this page. We explain in detail the usefulness, the investment and the production process. Still have questions after reading all the information on this page? Feel free to contact one of our advisers.

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Why custom-made earplugs?

Hearing damage is a serious but often underestimated problem. After all, the consequences of hearing damage can be profound, as in many cases it is lifelong damage. Examples include earache, deafness or a permanent ringing in the ears. This is not only annoying and inconvenient, but can also cause stress, fatigue and even psychological symptoms. Hearing protection should therefore be taken seriously!

What causes hearing damage?

Zooming in further on the causes of the problems, we see in practice mainly that the wrong hearing protection is worn. So no custom-made earplugs, but universal earplugs. Or that hearing protection is present, but hardly ever worn. Expert advice from hearing consultants on the right hearing protection and how to wear it correctly is therefore necessary. Ronell facilitates various possibilities to promote the correct use of hearing protection in the workplace. For example, through our toolbox, e-paper or information poster.

Function of the cilia for hearing

Hearing damage occurs because the vibrating hairs in the ear canal become overloaded by sound pressure and thus damaged. Damage to the cilia is the big culprit, as it causes erroneous information to be transmitted to the brain. In practice, this causes the well-known ringing in the ears, but can even lead to reduced hearing capacity.

laws and regulations

The European Union takes the severity of hearing damage very seriously. Hearing damage has therefore been placed in the highest category of occupational risks. All the more so because hearing damage has a great impact on personal life and is a permanent condition. This is why the following standards have been set:

  • Employees are allowed to work a maximum of eight hours a day in an environment with sounds up to 80 decibels.
  • Employees are allowed to work a maximum of four hours a day in an environment with sounds up to 83 decibels.
  • Workplaces with ambient noise levels above 85 decibels should be clearly marked as such.
  • Employees are required to wear hearing protection from 85 decibels onwards, such as custom-made earplugs.
  • From 80 decibels, employees are entitled to free hearing protection, facilitated by the employer.
  • Does the noise level exceed 87 decibels? Then measures must be taken to reduce the noise.
  • Education about hearing protection is mandatory.

Investment in custom-made earplugs

Of course, it is good to compare the different options, regarding hearing protection, side by side to come to an informed choice. We are happy to explain why investing in custom-made earplugs is the right choice:

  • The most important thing is protection. Custom-made earplugs offer better protection than universal earplugs or ear muffs, for example, due to their customisation.
  • Another important aspect is comfort. This is because it is related to the extent to which hearing protection is used.
  • Custom-made earplugs are very comfortable to wear, as they are completely tailored to the end user's ears. Custom-made earplugs may not be the cheapest choice when you buy them. But again, cheap is expensive. Because custom-made earplugs have a much longer lifespan than other hearing protection devices. In the long run, custom-made earplugs are therefore a much better investment.

How are custom-made earplugs produced?

To do so, we use our standard working method; measuring, producing, delivering and leak testing.


During the first step of the process, we measure not only the ears of the end users (i.e. the employees on the shop floor), but also the ambient noise. This allows us to determine the best composition of the custom-made earplugs. Such as the filter implemented in the earplugs.


During the measurement, an impression is taken of the end user's ears. We use this impression in our laboratory to produce the actual custom-made earplugs. We also add the appropriate filter and any details (such as a lanyard) during this step.


Are the custom-made earplugs fully custom-made? To be sure, we test this during delivery. One of our consultants will visit you on site for delivery, testing and instruction on the use and maintenance of the earplugs.

Engelste vertaling lektesten

Annually, we offer leak tests for custom-made earplugs. This is how we prevent false safety. We offer a two-year fit guarantee. Do the earplugs no longer fit tightly in the ear canal within this period? Then we offer the right of replacement.

More about custom-made earplugs

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