Customised ears

Do you work (almost) daily in an environment with loud noises from machines, for example? Then it is important to provide your ears with proper protection. Besides the right protection, we also consider comfort essential. Therefore, choose custom-made earplugs. On this page, we will tell you when custom-made earplugs are of interest to you.

Custom-made earplugs is totally our world. As Ronell, we specialise in hearing protection for work professionals. And we take that very seriously. After all, hearing damage is permanent and causes enormous inconvenience. Based on our expertise, our knowledgeable and experienced advisors are on hand every day for working people in the Netherlands to give the very best advice on custom-made earplugs. And thus prevent hearing damage in the workplace.

More about Ronell

Besides creating hearing safety, we also ensure risk awareness in the workplace. We have developed toolboxes for this purpose, among others. Our advisers are happy to perform these on the shop floor.

Ronell is based in Sliedrecht, South Holland, but has national coverage. We have seven consultants, offer a 2-year fit guarantee on our products and have had the pleasure of protecting more than 80,000 work professionals from hearing damage in total.

Why our clients choose Ronell: We list it:

  • Experienced Ronell advisor in the region as a fixed point of contact.
  • Measurement, inspection and instruction on location, without call-out charges.
  • Free periodic leak testing, no false security as a result
  • Fit check and instruction on delivery, ensuring safety from the start
  • Free replacement in case of leakage within two years.

Curious about our customers' experiences? Read our customer stories. Or also check out our frequently asked questions.

Type and use of customised earphones

Roughly speaking, a few categories can be divided when it comes to hearing protection. Besides custom-made earplugs, there are also the well-known ear muffs and ear plugs.

To help you weigh up custom-made earphones, we'd like to highlight the advantages:

  • Custom-made earplugs last considerably longer than ear muffs or ear plugs.
  • In practice, customised earphones are therefore a better investment than the other solutions.
  • Custom-made earphones enjoy more comfort. They are made especially for your ears. So no one-size-fits-all products. But custom-made ones.
  • The customisation provides even better hearing protection than the other products.

Type and use of customised earphones

We have different types of earplugs in our range. Which type is suitable for the end user is determined together with our adviser. This includes the type of noise and personal preferences. You can opt for hard earplugs, for example, or choose a soft type.

Providing hearing protection is our core business. We therefore consider it important that we do our utmost to ensure optimum protection. Of course, we do this on the one hand by fitting and supplying custom-made earplugs. But we also provide extra service. We visit you free of charge for advice and safety checks. And upon delivery, of course, for instructions on how to use our products. That way we can be sure that the custom-made earplugs are used properly and safely.


We hope you are convinced of the importance of optimal hearing protection. But what exactly is the procedure for purchasing and fitting custom-made earplugs? We would like to explain this in four steps: measuring, production, delivery and leak testing.


Hearing protection through otoplastics, or custom-made earplugs, starts with measuring the working noise. This is how we know which filters to use for custom-made earpieces.
We also measure end-users' ears by taking an impression of the ears. This gives us a perfect representation of the user's ear canal.


In our laboratory, the impression is worked out in our 3D scanner. This allows a precise copy to be made from resin or silicone. From there, the filter is added. If necessary, further details can be added based on requirements, such as a carrying cord or a detection bullet.


After the production of the otoplastics is completed, we deliver the products personally. We think this is important, in order to provide clear instructions at the same time and test the custom-made earpieces again.

Engelste vertaling lektesten

We continue to visit regularly to test the quality. Does an otoplasty leak sound within two years? Then you are entitled to a replacement with us.

More information?

Get in touch with us. We will be happy to give you all the information and the best advice for your situation.