Otoplastics filters

Discover otoplastics filters from Ronell

Ronell is considered the specialist in otoplastics and filters for otoplastics. Our high-quality filters are specially designed to protect your hearing when working in high-noise environments.

Why otoplastics filters from Ronell?

Our customers value us for several reasons:

  • Bespoke
  • Soundproofing
  • Versatility


Every ear is unique. That is why we offer customised filters that perfectly fit your individual ear canal. Our filters are made from high-quality materials that ensure a optimal fit and long-lasting comfort.


Our filters are designed to reduce harmful noise levels, while preserving important ambient sounds. With a wide range of filters, we offer solutions for different applications and noise levels.


Ronell offers a wide range of filters for various situations.

Otoplastics filters

Otoplastics filters from Ronell

Our filters are:

  • Industry grey;
  • Industry red;
  • Industry purple;
  • Ambient Black;
  • Shooting beige;
  • Music white.

Industry Grey

Ideal for work with a medium noise level up to 101 decibels per day. These filters are perfect for activities such as grinding, jigsaws or motorcycling at speeds of up to 100 km/h.

Industry Red

Designed for operations with a medium noise level of up to 105 decibels per day. These filters are ideal for tasks such as lawn mowing, chainsaws Or working near, say, a helicopter.

Industry Purple

Specially developed for medium noise level operations up to 107 decibels per day. These filters provide optimal protection during activities such as using a high-pressure cleaner, mower or angle grinder.

Ambient Black

A filter that creates calm in noisy environments. Perfect for travelling, sleeping or working in an office garden.

Shooting Beige

Ideal for shooting sports enthusiasts. These filters reduce noise levels by 15 decibels as standard, but during shooting they offer attenuation of 33 decibels thanks to air pressure.

Music White

Specially designed for concerts and events, attenuating noise levels by 20 decibels.

Protect your hearing with Ronell otoplastics filters

At Ronell, we strive to protect your hearing in every situation. Our filters not only provide optimal protection, but also comfort.

Filter  SNR  H  M  L 
Industry Grey* 21/20  21/19  19/17  15/15 
Industry Red* 25/22  24/21  24/20  23/20 
Industry Purple* 27/23  27/22  25/21  23/21 
Ambient Black  9  11  5  3 
Shooting Beige  15  19  12  7 
Music White  20  19  19  18 

* Gray, Red and Purple are officially according to “EN 352-2: 2002” and (EU) 2016/425. certified. Therefore, these filters can be used as PPE in the workplace.

Otoplastics filters

Laws and regulations for Otoplastics Filters

Protecting your hearing in the workplace is not only essential for your health, but also mandatory according to applicable standards and regulations.

In the Netherlands, health and safety legislation is in force, Requiring employers to make hearing protection available to workers exposed to harmful noise levels. This is especially true in environments where the average daily noise level is above 80 decibels coming out.

Otoplastics filters from Ronell meet the strict requirements of occupational health and safety legislation and offer optimal protection in noisy working environments.

CE certified

Our filters are CE-certified and comply with the European standards for hearing protection (EN 352-2:2002). This means that they are thoroughly tested and validated according to applicable safety standards.

New filters for otoplastics

Do you already own otoplastics and want new filters fitted? At Ronell, we understand that you may need a different type of filter for specific activities. Therefore, we also offer the option of fit new filters in your existing otoplastics.

Our filters are designed to be easily replaced. If your otoplastics are still in good condition, our experienced professionals can fit new filters into the existing housing. This not only saves you costs, but also time, as you can continue to use your familiar otoplastics.

If you are unsure whether your existing otoplastics are suitable for fitting new filters, you can always contact contact us for advice. Our expert staff will be happy to help you assess the condition of your otoplastics and can advise you on the best solution for your specific situation.

Otoplastics filters

Choose Ronell - Your reliable partner in hearing protection

At Ronell, we understand that hearing protection is serious business. That is why we strive to offer high-quality otoplasty filters that meet the specific needs of each individual user.

With our diverse range of filters, including Industry Grey, Industry Red, Industry Purple, Ambient Black, Shooting Beige and Music White, we offer tailor-made solutions for different working environments. Whether you work in the construction, industry, music industry or other sectors, we have the right filters to protect your hearing.

Comfort and ease of use

Our filters are not only effective in attenuating harmful noise, but they also offer optimal comfort and ease of use. Thanks to the tailor-made fit, the otoplasty filters fit your ears perfectly, making them comfortable and safe to wear for long periods of time.

Moreover, our filters are made of high-quality materials that sustainability and reliability guarantee, so you can trust them to last.

Besides the protection offered by our filters, it is also important to stress that they do not interfere with your communication. DThanks to advanced technologies, our filters ensure that speech and important ambient sounds remain clear and intelligible, while damaging noise is effectively attenuated.

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