Otoplastics costs

What is the cost of otoplastics?

Our seven consultants travel throughout the Netherlands and visit many wonderful companies where we may provide hearing protection in the workplace. Often the first contact with a company sounds; what are the costs for otoplastics? In this page, we take you through the answers to otoplastics costs.

Although. It is mainly an insight into the factors affecting the cost of otoplastics. Attaching a concrete price to otoplastics is not possible. In fact, it depends entirely on a number of factors. We are happy to explain them to you.

Factors otoplastics cost

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of protecting more than 80,000 ears from hearing damage. A staggering number. In most cases, we have been able to use otoplastics for this purpose. We do not supply the same otoplastics everywhere. In fact, every work situation requires a well thought-out composition of otoplastics.

Our advisers, before they can answer otoplastics costs, will ask a number of questions to determine the composition of otoplastics. These include issues such as the industry in which the end users work, the volume in the workplace and the frequency of communication between them.

Costs and benefits otoplastics

When it comes to hearing damage, please also mention the result of using otoplastics, instead of only focusing on otoplastics costs. Not using (proper) hearing protection can have lifelong consequences. Consider, for example, having a permanent squeak or noise in the ear canal. Or by simply having reduced hearing ability. So the investment for proper hearing protection is well worth the cost of otoplastics.

Comfort and customisation

Unlike ear muffs, for example, otoplastics production is completely custom-made. Each otoplasty is fully fitted to the end user's ear canals. This has two main advantages. It offers guaranteed optimal protection. And custom-made otoplastics have high wearing comfort. Otoplastics may be more expensive to purchase, but in the long run they are the best choice both financially and in terms of quality. After all, otoplastics last up to six years longer than other hearing protection products.

Who we are; Ronell

We would like to introduce ourselves first, before touching further on our benefits. Ronell is based in Sliedrecht in the province of South Holland. Providing hearing safety in the workplace is our core business. This goes further than just manufacturing and supplying otoplastics. Because we also offer various prevention options free of charge. Such as our e-paper and our toolbox. This is an extra service towards our customers, which we offer free of charge. Not included in the otoplastics costs, but available to our customers.

Advantages Ronell

Why do our clients choose Ronell? We highlight a few points:

  • We work with permanent advisers for each region. They are a fixed point of contact.
  • Our advisers come to your premises at no extra cost. For fitting, checking and information.
  • Periodically, we offer free leak tests, thus preventing false security.
  • We offer a two-year warranty. If a sound leak occurs within two years, our customers are entitled to a replacement.
  • We offer smart integrations with communication solutions.
  • Upon delivery, we carry out standard fit checks. Safety right from the start!

Curious about what our customers say about us. We have several customer stories are published on this website. These customer stories do not elaborate on otoplastics costs, but they do give a good idea of the experiences with our products and our company.

Other products and services

We have outlined a picture of otoplastics costs. It is important that our advisers get a good idea of your company's situation. We will then be happy to present the investment costs for otoplastics. In addition to supplying otoplastics, we offer other services or complementary products. You can read more about these on this website.

Thus, we have made a clear instructional video on how to use otoplastics. This video can be viewed at this link. We also offer, for example cleaning sets, because proper maintenance is essential for maintaining the quality of hearing protection. Curious about our types of otoplastics? We have on this page an overview.

Want to know more about our products? Then take a look at our product overview. Questions about otoplastics costs or about our services? Then be sure to contact our advisers. They will be happy to help you and schedule a no-obligation consultation if required.