soft otoplastics

Soft otoplastics with excellent filtering

Work safely, hear well: our soft otoplastics with filters offer the ultimate protection for noisy environments.

Soft otoplastics are often used in situations where noise protection needed, as in concerts, festivals, construction sites, factories, airports and other noisy environments. They help reduce ambient noise and protect the ears against harmful noise.

The use of soft otoplastics has several benefits. They are comfortable to wear because they adapt to the shape of the ear. This makes them suitable for long-term use, even while sleeping. Moreover, soft otoplastics are often reusable and easy clean to make.


soft otoplastics

In this article, we dive deeper into the added value of soft otoplastics. In addition, as hearing experts, we are happy to tell you about the unique filtering we use in our (soft) otoplastics.

Offer comfort to your employees

Employees give the preferred to the use of softer otoplastics in the workplace because of several advantages. Firstly, soft otoplastics offer excellent comfort level, allowing them to be worn comfortably for extended periods. This is especially important for workers who need regular hearing protection, such as for noisy machines, construction sites or factories.

In addition, softer otoplastics adapt to the individual shape of the ear, providing a better fit and seal offer. This ensures more effective soundproofing and protects workers from harmful noise in the workplace. Reducing ambient noise contributes to improved concentration, communication and overall well-being of workers.

In addition, much softer otoplastics are reusable and easy to clean, making them cost-effective are long-term. This makes them ideal for companies looking for durable and economical hearing protection solutions for their employees.


Ronell otoplastics


In summary, (soft) otoplastics offer the following benefits:

  • Excellent comfort for long-term use
  • Tailor-made fit for individual ears
  • Effective noise reduction and protection against harmful noise
  • Improved concentration and communication in the workplace
  • Easily reusable and cleanable
  • Cost-effective long-term solution
  • Promoting a safe and comfortable working environment


By taking advantage of these benefits, employers can ensure that their employees can work in a comfortable and safe manner, while complying with workplace noise protection requirements.

Expand your soft otoplastics with specific filters

Discover the perfect balance between hearing protection and preserving important sounds with our high-quality soft otoplastics with filters.

At Ronell, we understand that it is important to be able to work while essential sounds to continue to be heard. This is why our otoplastics are equipped with a special sound channel with filtering to mute sounds without blocking them completely.

Our filters offer variable attenuation depending on the pitch. In this way, we can eliminate annoying noise while allowing important sounds, such as voices, sirens or horns, to pass through.

At Ronell, we have a wide range of filters available, so you can choose the right one based on your working environment. Our hearing consultant is on hand to guide you through this process. The aim is to reduce the average daily volume to around 80 decibels, which is ideal for hearing protection.


Ronell working method and laboratory with otoplastics


Our filter options include:

Industry Grey:
Designed for work with an average noise level of up to 101 decibels per day. Perfect for tasks such as grinding, jigsaws or motorcycling at speeds up to 100 km/h.

Industry Red:
Suitable for work with an average noise level of up to 105 decibels per day. Ideal for tasks such as lawn mowing, chainsaws or working near a helicopter.

Industry Purple:
Designed for work with an average noise level of up to 107 decibels per day. Ideally suited for tasks such as using a pressure washer, mower or angle grinder.

Ambient Black:
Creates a calm environment and is ideal for travelling, sleeping or working in an office environment.

Shooting Beige:
Specially developed for shooting sports. Offers standard attenuation of 15 decibels, but increases the attenuation to 33 decibels when firing a shot due to air pressure.

Music White:
Perfect for concerts and events, attenuates noise by 20 decibels for better hearing protection.


Ronell filtering overview for otoplastics



Have you heard?

Protect your customised hearing with Ronell's soft otoplastics with filters. Contact our hearing consultant to find the perfect filter for your specific needs.