At Ronell, hearing and communicating safely in the workplace is key. Our products comply with the current standards in the field of PPE (EU Regulation 2016/425) and are tested according to the EN352 standard. The products are tested annually by an independent notified body to guarantee safety.


De richtlijn 89/686/EEG is op 21-04-2018 vervangen door een nieuwe Europese verordening (EU) 2016/425 persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen. Hierin staan updates en strengere regels voor het op de markt brengen van persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen binnen de Europese Unie.
Per april 2018 zal er gewerkt moeten worden volgens (EU) 2016/425. April 2018 tot medio april 2019 was een overgangsjaar. In dat jaar mochten de bestaande producten met bestaande certificaten nog worden aangeboden, evenals de producten die onder de nieuwe certificaten vallen.

For Ronell, this means that from 21-04-2018, our product will fall under the strictest conformity procedure. Our hearing protection now falls under the heaviest category of personal protective equipment, namely category 3.   

In concrete terms: our custom-made hearing protection is subject to an EU type examination by a certified testing authority. 

21 april 2019

From 21 April 2019, deliveries may only be made in accordance with the new European Regulation (EU) 2016/425. This requires permanent monitoring of the production process and, moreover, good quality assurance.

Validity period:

There is now a limitation on the period of validity of the certificates. The validity of the certificates is currently limited to a maximum of five years. In addition, there will be an annual review by the inspection body to determine whether our product still meets the same criteria based on which the certificate was issued.

Declaration of conformity:

A legal document drawn up and signed by us should be made available. This way, Ronell declares that the product meets all requirements of the applicable legislation.

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