Otoplastics: the best hearing protection

Otoplastieken zijn gehoorbeschermers op maat. Ze worden veel gedragen op de werkvloer en door artiesten. Vooral voor uw werknemers is dit een ideale oplossing. Omdat ze verplicht zijn om gehoorbescherming te dragen, kunt u ze het beste goede gehoorbescherming aanbieden. Zo zijn uw werknemers meer gemotiveerd om zich aan de regels te houden. We bieden verschillende typen aan: harde of zachte materialen of oordoppen met speakers.

Make your choice from our custom-made earplugsĀ 

Otoplastics are custom-made hearing protectors. They are widely worn in the workplace and by artists. Especially for employees, this is an ideal solution. Since they are required to wear hearing protection, it is best to offer them good hearing protection. This way, employees will be more motivated to follow the rules. We offer different types: hard or soft materials, sleeping plugs or earplugs with speakers.

Acrylic Protector

Durable resin material

Most used variant

Choice of six different filters

Silicon Protector

Silicone material

Soft & comfortable

Choice of six different filters


Built-in speaker with audio cable

Block noise, but still communicate

Choice of six different filters

Ideal for transport or other communication

Food-proof Protector

Resin or silicone material

Blue colour

Metal ball for detection

Detectable filter

Usable in Food and related industries

Aftershokz headset

Sound without using your ears

Works by conduction: vibrations in the jawbone

Ideal in combination with hearing protection

Suitable for communication in noisy environments

Wireless: works via Bluetooth

Aftershokz Aeropex bluetooth headset


Resin or silicone material

Bestimmen Sie selbst die Filterung

Determine your own detection options

Determine communication options

Including all the benefits of Ronell

The benefits of Ronell

Why should you choose Ronell? Ronell distinguishes itself with a full-service package at one price. Where others require you to pay for call-out charges, leak testing and replacement, we offer a fixed price including all benefits:

  • Experienced Ronell advisor in the region as a fixed point of contact.
  • Measurement, inspection and instruction on location, without call-out charges.
  • Gratis periodiek lektesten, hierdoor geen schijnveiligheid
  • Fit check and instruction on delivery, ensuring safety from the start
  • No standard replacement. Prevents unnecessary costs.
  • Integration with communication solutions
  • Smart filters: optimal attenuation and speech intelligibility.
  • Free replacement in case of leakage within two years.
  • Complies with requirements of recent legislation EU Regulation 2016/425 (required from 21 April 2019)
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