Cost of earplugs

What are the costs of custom-made earplugs? That depends on the accessories you choose to go with them. Below is an overview of the different prices. Make sure you choose an all-in option.

At Ronell, you get all the essential services with your earplugs: free fitting, free leak tests, free mileage. So you pay no extra cost when you check your earplugs. 

Cost of custom-made earplugs

Custom-made earplugs seem quite expensive compared to other hearing protectors. Yet in the long run, they are much more cost-effective. Why? Because they last longer than earmuffs and other earplugs. Often up to around 6 years or more. See a price comparison below. Moreover, with Ronell, you do not incur any additional costs if you want to have the earplugs leak-tested.   

Why choose Ronell?

Ronell offers a full package for one price. That's a lot cheaper. With others, you pay for call-out fees, leak tests and replacement. We offer fixed price for:   

  • Measurement, inspection and instruction on location, without call-out charges.
  • Free periodic leak testing, no false security as a result
  • No standard replacement. Prevents unnecessary costs.
  • Free replacement in case of leakage within two years.