Otoplastics Limburg

Otoplastics Limburg: Opt for the best hearing protection

Limburg is the province characterised by rolling hills, atmospheric villages and its rich mining past. But Limburg is also known for its bustling regions. And where there is work, there should be attention to hearing protection.

Not everyone is enthusiastic about wearing hearing protection while working in situations where hearing is at risk. The use of otoplastics changes this. Otoplastics are comfortable carry, offer optimum hearing protection and at the same time ensures that conversations can continue to be held.

Supplier otoplastics Limburg

Located in Sliedrecht, Ronell has developed into a leading manufacturer and supplier of otoplastics. Although our headquarters are located in Sliedrecht, we understand the importance of local expertise. Therefore, we have local hearing consultants in different regions. For beautiful Limburg, that's Axel.

Otoplastics Limburg

Why choose otoplastics from Ronell in Limburg?

Our customers in Limburg cite several reasons for this:

  • Local expertise
  • Quality and precision
  • Wide range of options
  • Sustainability
  • Easy to maintain

Local expertise

With Axel Sman as your hearing consultant in Limburg, you benefit from expert advice and a personal approach.

Axel will visit you on location at your company or organisation in Limburg. For example, for the fitting of otoplastics, but also for the personal delivery after an order and before the free leak tests.

Quality and precision

Our otoplastics are custom-made. This means that they fit perfectly in your ear, optimum protection offer and at the same time comfortable are.

Wide range of options

Whether you are a musician looking to protect your hearing from loud music, or a worker working in a noisy environment, we have otoplastics for a variety of applications.


Our products are made to last. They are resistant to sweat, dirt and other elements giving them a long service life.

Easy to maintain

The otoplastics are easy to clean and maintain, keeping them always in optimal condition.

Ronell's process: from measurement to quality check

We have a structured process to ensure you get the best hearing protection to suit your needs. Here's how it works:

  • Measurement: Everything starts with a detailed noise and ear measurement. This allows us to determine exactly which type of otoplasty and filter is right for you.
  • Production: Using cutting-edge technology, such as our 3D scanner in our own laboratory, we develop the ideal otoplasty specifically for your situation.
  • Delivery: We don't just deliver the product. We personally come to your address to give instructions, fit the otoplasty and check its quality. And as a sign of confidence, we offer two-year fit guarantee on our products.
  • Free leak test: Your safety is our priority. That is why we carry out regular quality checks to ensure the integrity of otoplastics, so that you and your employees are always protected and safe.

With this approach, Ronell guarantees that every customer receives not just a product, but an experience of quality and care.

Otoplastics Limburg

Limburg: A province of tradition and future

Limburg has a rich history and culture. From the Roman past to the coal mines which once dominated the region's economy, Limburg has always played a central role in Dutch history. The province is known not only for its historical sights and natural beauty, but also for its culinary delights such as Limburg flan.

With so many activities and activities going on, it is essential to take care of your hearing. Concerts, festivals, but also daily work in the workplace can damage your hearing in the long or short term. Therefore, choosing the right hearing protection is not a luxury, but much needed.

Limburg and otoplastics

Your hearing is a precious asset that needs to be protected. With our high-quality otoplastics and the local expertise of adviser Axel, we are ready to help you make the best choice for your hearing.

Get in touch to find out about otoplasty options. Send an email to: info@ronell.nl. Call 0184 434 440 or fill in the form at this page.