Best custom-made earplugs

What are the best custom-made earplugs?

The best custom-made earplugs; what should you look out for? As a specialist in hearing protection, we are happy to give you all the information you need to choose the best custom-made earplugs. So that you can move around safely in noisy environments, such as the workplace, for example.

You are probably aware of the dangers of hearing damage. Thankfully, because a lot of hearing damage is still contracted from ignorance. However, its consequences are lifelong. Wearing the right custom-made earplugs is therefore of lifelong importance. Whether in the workplace or during an event, the usefulness of the right hearing protection cannot be underestimated.

On this page you will find more explanations about the best custom-made earplugs, including; laws and regulations, our choice of the best earplugs and the benefits of prevention. Would you like to contact one of our advisers directly? On our contact page you will find all our contact details.

laws and regulations

Hearing damage has a very significant impact. That is why the European Union took the decision to include it in the main category of risks related to working conditions. In fact, hearing damage is permanent. Once sustained, the symptoms of hearing damage are experienced for life.

It is safe to work in an environment with sounds of up to 80 decibels. This is roughly comparable to a hoover or city traffic. When the sounds come above these 80 decibels, it quickly becomes risky. Every 3 decibels above 80 decibels doubles the impact on human hearing. For this reason, one should only work up to 4 hours a day in an environment with sounds of 83 decibels. Is the noise 103 decibels or higher (103 decibels is roughly equivalent to the sound of a grinder or leaf blower)? Then hearing can be damaged within 5 minutes.

Hearing protection in the workplace is therefore necessary. But from which values is hearing protection mandatory? We provide an overview:

  • In working conditions with sounds above 80 decibels, employees are entitled to hearing protection.
  • From 85 decibels, hearing protection is mandatory.
  • Areas with sounds above 85 decibels should be clearly marked as such.
  • Noise above 87 decibels? Then measures must be taken to reduce the decibels.
  • Workers are entitled to information and hearing tests.

What are the best custom-made earplugs?

We think the best custom-made earplugs are our otoplastics. These are high-quality hearing protectors, completely tailored to the end user's ear canals. Because we are confident about our products, we give a two-year fit guarantee as standard. Do the otoplastics leak sound within two years? Then the end user is entitled to replacement.

We base our conviction for the quality of our custom-made earplugs on our experience and expertise. We have over 20 years of experience and have protected more than 80,000(!) ears.

Our seven consultants know the tricks of the trade and always know how to come to the best advice for the end-user's situation. We use various tests, in which we measure the ambient and peak noise, among other things. Using the results, we put together the otoplasty unique to your end-user situation.

After we carry out the tests and fit the otoplastics, we take the results to our own laboratory. Here we have in-house production of the otoplastics. This way, we can guarantee the best custom-made earplugs.

Of course, we ensure personal delivery. This is because we find it important to check upon delivery that the final product does not actually leak any sound. This is how we prevent false safety. We offer free annual leak tests.


Besides producing the best custom-made earplugs, we also do various hands-on prevention work as an additional service. Namely; toolbox, e-paper and an information poster.

The toolbox is an on-site presentation by one of our consultants. In an interactive way, employees are involved in the importance of hearing protection for themselves and the organisation. In the e-paper we go through all facets of hearing damage and hearing protection. The information poster is intended for the workplace, to draw employees' daily attention to the importance of using hearing protection.

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