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Toolbox for Construction on Hearing Protection

Where noise is an invisible threat, good hearing protection is not only a matter of choosing the right tool, but also of using it correctly. This starts with thorough instruction and awareness. Ronell, as nationwide network of hearing experts, responds to this by organising on-site toolbox meetings.

During these sessions, Ronell's experienced consultants share their knowledge of the causes and effects of harmful noise, and actively involve employees in coming up with practical solutions. This approach ensures that employees not only see the need for hearing protection, but are also motivated to apply it consistently.

The article will further discuss the specific toolboxes offered by Ronell for the construction industry. This sector is known for its high noise levels and the urgency of effective hearing protection cannot be overemphasised here. Ronell's toolboxes offer practical tools and tailored solutions, which match the unique challenges of this industry.

By focusing on the combination of knowledge, practicality and commitment, Ronell is setting a new standard in hearing protection. A standard that not only ensures employee health and safety, but also contributes to increased productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

The contents of our Toolbox

The Ronell toolboxes are carefully designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience to offer over hearing protection. Each toolbox covers a range of crucial topics specifically aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness of hearing protection in high-risk work environments.

  1. How does hearing work?
    A basic explanation of the anatomy and functioning of hearing, to emphasise the importance of protection.
  2. Causes of hearing damage
    Identification of common risk factors in the workplace that can damage hearing.
  3. Implications in the field
    Discussion of how hearing damage affects workplace safety and productivity.
  4. Personal consequences of hearing damage
    Understanding the long-term impact of hearing damage on the individual, both professionally and personally.
  5. Noise levels of machines
    An overview of different machines and the noise level they produce.
  6. Necessary measures
    Advice on preventive measures and behavioural changes to avoid hearing damage.
  7. Correct use of hearing protection
    Guidelines for wearing hearing protection and recognising situations where it is essential.
  8. Monitoring of noise levels
    Techniques and tools to monitor noise levels in the workplace.
  9. Self-monitoring of hearing
    Methods to regularly check the health of one's own hearing.
  10. Maintenance of hearing protection
    Tips on maintaining and optimising hearing protection devices.


Presenting the content of the toolbox in an interactive way, with recognisable examples and direct employee involvement, enhances the learning experience.

Ronell integrates these educational sessions often with practical activities such as leak testing and fitting of professional hearing protection, allowing employees to benefit directly from the knowledge gained. Thus, attention is paid not only to learning about hearing protection, but also to the implementation of it, which is crucial for a safe working environment.


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Plan your Toolbox for optimum hearing protection in the workplace

Do you want to take your employees' safety and well-being to the next level? Then contact Ronell today for a professional on-site toolbox session. Our experienced hearing consultants, spread throughout the Netherlands, are ready to provide you and your team with the best hearing protection and advice.

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  • Personalised attention: A dedicated contact for all your hearing protection needs.
  • Quick service: We are quickly on site for urgent situations or measurements.
  • Flexibility: Whether for individual readings or large groups, we adapt to your needs.
  • Experience with big names: Our experience with large construction companies such as Heijmans guarantees expertise and reliability.
  • Integrated Toolboxes: Combine a visit with a toolbox session for maximum awareness about hearing protection among your employees.
  • Personalised delivery of otoplastics: We not only deliver, but also make sure everything fits perfectly.
  • Quality and safety: We guarantee high-quality otoplastics, custom-made in our own lab.


What we offer.

Detailed instructions and standard leak tests. In addition, you will receive fully customised otoplastics tailored to the needs of your staff.

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