Can you be rejected with tinnitus?


Do you suffer from tinnitus, that never-ending beep, buzz or noise in your ears, and wonder how it affects your professional future? You may have wondered, "Can I be rejected for work because of my tinnitus?" Let's take a look at this topic and offer you some clarity.


A challenge, not an end station

First of all, tinnitus can certainly be a challenge in your professional life. It can make concentration more difficult, hinder communication and, in some cases, even affect your overall well-being at work. But, and this is important, it is rarely a direct reason for disability per se.


The "assessment"

In the Netherlands, disability is assessed by the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency). They look at what you can still do, rather than what you can no longer do. What matters is the extent to which your tinnitus affects your ability to work and whether suitable work can be found that suits your situation.


Adaptation and support

Before rejection is even discussed, there are numerous adjustments and support options that your employer can explore with you. Think soundproofing measures, flexible working hours or even a modified workplace. The idea is to create a working environment in which you can function with your tinnitus, not to immediately exclude you from the workforce.

happy working despite noise


Communication: talk about it

Being open about your tinnitus is crucial. By talking to your employer and colleagues, you can create awareness around your situation. This is the basis for understanding, workplace adjustments and, if necessary, a reintegration process that takes your tinnitus into account.


What if working really isn't possible anymore?

Should your tinnitus be so obstructive that working is no longer feasible, despite all adjustments, an assessment by the UWV comes into the picture. They will look at your remaining work capacity and, based on this, determine whether you are eligible for benefits. Importantly, this is always a last resort, after exhausting all possible adjustments and supports.


Conclusion: Tinnitus is a challenge, not a definite no-no

In short, tinnitus does not automatically lead to rejection for work. It is a challenge that requires creative solutions and adjustments, both from you and your employer. With the right support and adjustments, you can still make a valuable contribution to the labour market. Remember: you are more than your tinnitus. Your skills, experience and commitment are what define you in the workplace, not the ringing in your ears.

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