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Earmuffs for construction wanted?

Looking for reliable earmuffs for construction? Welcome to Ronell, the specialists in hearing protection. In the construction industry, it is essential to ensure adequate hearing protect against noise and harmful noises. This is why we present to you the latest developments in ear protection, also known as otoplastics. Our solutions, ranging from hard to soft material, are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the construction industry.

At Ronell, we understand the importance of communication in the workplace. That is why we offer advanced ear protectors such as the Shokz headset, which not only provides protection but also enables clear communication. Discover how our custom-made otoplastics not only protect your hearing, but also increase working comfort and productivity. Read on to learn more about our innovative solutions and how you can effectively protect the hearing of yourself and your construction workers.

Especially in construction, ear protection is important

In the construction industry, the risk of hearing damage is significant, especially due to prolonged working with or near noisy machinery. Consider, for example, the use of pneumatic rotary hammers, circular saws and concrete mixers. This equipment can produce sound levels well above safe limits, which can seriously damage hearing. Moreover, there are situations, such as working in narrow, echoing rooms, where the sound is amplified and the risk of hearing damage is even greater.

It is therefore crucial to effective hearing protection to use. Ronell's earplugs, made of advanced silicone materials, offer an excellent solution in this regard. They are custom-made by taking an impression of your ears, resulting in a perfect fit. This not only ensures optimal protection against harmful noise levels, but also guarantees comfort even during long working days of 8 hours or more.

Wearing well-fitting earplugs is crucial in construction, where the risk of hearing damage such as tinnitus can be irreversible and untreatable. In this case, prevention is better than cure, and with Ronell's custom-made earplugs, you are guaranteed the best protection.

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From application to optimal protection

If you are interested in top-quality hearing protection From Ronell, it is application process simple and customer-oriented. We offer a full-service approach, with all additional costs such as call-out fees, leak testing and replacement already included. Regardless of your location, we have an expert hearing adviser ready in every region. The process begins with a detailed noise and ear measurement at your construction site, with which we determine the exact needs for your specific situation.

The next is a visit to our laboratory, equipped with an advanced 3D scanner, where we develop the perfect otoplastics for your situation. After these are made, delivery follows directly to your construction address, including a thorough instruction and quality test of the otoplastics. You also benefit from two-year fit guarantee, which means that any adjustments during this period are free of charge.


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Our commitment to your safety does not stop at delivery. We conduct regular quality tests to ensure protection. With our experience, as proven by our collaboration with major construction companies such as Heijmans, you can rely on our expertise and commitment to quality. Do not hesitate to contact us for the most effective solution in hearing protection for your construction environment.