Fitting hearing protection

How we fit hearing protection

Hearing protection; crucial for safe working conditions. Too many professionals are still insufficiently protected and suffer lifelong consequences. Learn more about fitting hearing protection on this page.

The fact that there are many people who suffer hearing damage in the workplace does not mean that all of them do not use hearing protection. However, having substandard sound protection or wearing it incorrectly is also a major factor causing hearing damage. Therefore, fitting hearing protection correctly is of unprecedented importance. We guarantee the quality of our hearing protection.

On this page, we would like to give you more information about fitting hearing protection. But also about our prevention options and tips for promoting the correct use of hearing protection.

Fitting hearing protection

We fit hearing protection according to four steps; measurement, production, delivery and leak testing. These four steps are our standard procedure. We take the fitting of hearing protection very seriously, because it is all about protecting your hearing. Making mistakes or taking the easy way out has lifelong consequences for the end user. For this reason, we personally check all our otoplastics on site by means of a leak test.

Engelste vertaling lektesten

Not only when we deliver the otoplastics (after we have measured and manufactured the hearing protection) do we carry out leak tests. We do this annually if required. We perform the annual leak testing free of charge and it is done by a consultant at your premises. This way, the end user is assured of optimal and safe hearing protection. Moreover, we offer a two-year fit guarantee on our otoplastics. Do the otoplastics no longer fit within two years of delivery? Then you are entitled to replacement.

From fitting hearing protection to delivery

As described, our standard procedure for fitting hearing protection consists of four steps. We are happy to explain them. Also on the our approach these steps are described.


We start fitting hearing protection with a sound measurement. Both average and peak volumes are mapped. This measurement is mainly intended to determine the right filter for the hearing protection. When we are on site to perform sound measurements, we immediately measure the end-users' hearing protection. We create a perfect representation of the ear by making an impression of the ear.


We use this impression of the ear during production in our laboratory. We place the impression in a 3D scanner, which then prints a copy of resin or silicone. This print from the 3D scanner forms the basis of the otoplasty. The otoplasty is further shaped with the filters. This is also the time to add your wishes. For example, a lanyard and a detection ball. This makes the otoplasty ready for use.


The moment of truth. Is the hearing protection fitted perfectly? Our consultants come back on site to deliver the otoplastics and carry out leak tests at the same time. Do we detect a leak? Then we ensure that we optimise the hearing protection in question and still deliver it leak-proof. End users are thus assured of good protection. An additional advantage of delivering the otoplastics in person is that our advisors can give clear explanations on how to use them.

Engelste vertaling lektesten

Did you know that with Ronell, you have a two-year fit guarantee? We carry out free annual leak tests to ensure end-user protection. If we detect a leak within two years, you are entitled to a replacement. That too is one of our distinctive services.

Getting acquainted? Gladly!

We are happy to give you a shot and briefly tell you about Ronell. Of course, we are happy to schedule a no-obligation meeting to get further acquainted with you, and introduce ourselves.

Ronell is based in Sliedrecht, near Dordrecht, Gorinchem and Rotterdam. Our seven advisers provide national coverage. We serve our customers in every region. We specialise in hearing protection and fitting hearing protectors. With more than twenty years of experience and our own laboratory, we know the tricks of the trade. Whether it is about creating support on the shop floor, laws and regulations or the different types of hearing protection. Ronell stands for quality and reliability, but above all for optimum hearing protection in the workplace.

Would you like to know more about fitting hearing protection or about Ronell? Schedule a non-binding consultation with one of our advisers. They will be happy to come to your premises for a further meeting.