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Hearing protection for your staff

If you are looking for information on hearing protection for your staff, it is essential to understand the different types of protective equipment.

Several options are available, including earplugs, ear muffs and custom-made hearing protection. It is important to understand which are most suitable for different working conditions.

Option 1: Earplugs

If you are looking for hearing protection for your staff, let's start with earbuds. Earplugs are a popular choice because of their convenience and portability. They are often discreet and can be comfortable to wear, especially for longer periods.

However, it is important to note that earplugs do not always fully cover the load when it comes to protecting against harmful noise in the workplace. While they can be effective in reducing certain noise levels, they may offer insufficient protection in very noisy environments or for prolonged exposure to loud noise.

Therefore, it is important to consider what working conditions your staff will encounter and/or whether earplugs alone provide sufficient protection. In some cases, additional hearing protection devices, such as ear muffs or custom-made hearing protection, may be required to ensure optimal protection. We will elaborate on these options and their benefits for different working environments.

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Option 2: Earmuffs

Now let's look at the second option: ear muffs. Earmuffs offer several advantages over earplugs. They are often sturdier and offer a better seal around the ear, making them more effective at blocking ambient noise. This can be especially useful in noisy working environments, such as construction sites or factories, where noise levels can be high.

Another advantage of ear muffs is that they often are more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, because they make less direct contact with the inner ear than earplugs. This can help reduce fatigue and irritation with prolonged use.

However, as with earplugs, ear muffs also have their drawbacks. For example, they can be somewhat are bulkier than earplugs, which can lead to discomfort or restrictions when wearing other protective equipment, such as helmets or safety glasses. Moreover, in some cases, ear muffs may be less suitable for people with small or sensitive ears.


Option 3: Custom-made hearing protection

While ear muffs can be effective, sometimes they can't the perfect fit provide what is needed for optimal protection. This is where custom-made hearing protection can offer an advantage. Custom-made ear protection is adapted specifically to the shape of the wearer's ear, providing a tight and effective sealing is guaranteed. This can be especially beneficial for workers who are regularly exposed to harmful noise in the workplace.

In short, while ear muffs offer advantages in certain situations, custom-made hearing protection may be preferable for those seeking maximum protection and comfort for longer periods of time.

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Otoplastics for your staff? Well taken care of with Ronell

Ronell offers a range of custom-made otoplastics that meet the highest standards of comfort, durability and safety. Let's take a closer look at the different options:

Acrylic Protector: Made of durable acrylic resin, these otoplastics are the most commonly used variant. With a choice of six different filters, they are suitable for various sectors where noise is an issue.

Silicon Protector: Made of soft and comfortable silicone material, these otoplastics also offer a choice of six different filters. They are ideal for workers who need to wear hearing protection for long periods of time.

Communicator: For situations where communication is essential, Communicator otoplastics are the answer. With six different filters, you can communicate without being bothered by noise.

Food-proof Protector: Specially designed for the food industry and related sectors, these otoplastics are detectable and made of resin or silicone material, with a metal ball for detection.

Shokz headset: For unique needs, Ronell offers the Shokz headset. It works by conduction through vibrations in the jawbone, allowing sound to be heard without using the ears. Ideal for communication in noisy environments and wireless via Bluetooth.

Custom-made: Fully customisable to your needs, these otoplastics come with the ability to define the filter, detection capabilities and communication options yourself.

Ronell's benefits go beyond high-quality products. With a full-service package for one price, including experienced consultants, fitting, on-site checking and instruction, free periodic leak tests, fit check and instruction on delivery, and smart filters for optimal attenuation and speech intelligibility, Ronell offers a complete hearing protection solution.

Moreover, Ronell's products meet the requirements of the recent legislation EU regulation 2016/425, ensuring conformity and quality. With 2-year warranty and free replacement in case of leakage within 2 years, Ronell offers peace of mind and reliability for your hearing protection needs.

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Ronell's otoplastics

Make a smart choice in hearing protection. Ronell offers the most complete service around hearing protection. Our otoplastics are safe, durable and comfortable. They are not the most valued earplugs by employees for nothing. Want to know more?