Combining Otoplastics with a Bluetooth headset - Communicating in noise?

Innovative hearing protection

As a leading supplier of high-quality hearing protection and otoplastics for businesses, Ronell constantly seeks the latest technologies and innovations to meet customers' needs.

One of the latest developments in hearing protection is the use of otoplastics combined with a bluetooth headset. We explore how this technology works and the benefits it offers to both employees and employers.

What are otoplastics with bluetooth?

Otoplastics combined with a bluetooth headset Its tailor-made hearing protectors in combination with a Shokz headset. They enable workers to hands-free to call and stay connected in noisy environments. The otoplastics are custom-made for the individual wearer, making them comfortable and effective in muffling noise.

In addition to the bluetooth headset, we can fit otoplastics with a audio connection. This otoplastics effectively dampen ambient noise, while letting clear audio through via a built-in audio jack. This is used, for example, for walkie-talkies.


How do otoplastics with bluetooth work?

The bluetooth headset with bone conduction technology connects to devices such as smartphones. The bone conduction technology ensures that communication is possible even while wearing otoplastics.


communicating with otoplastics with bluetooth


The advantages of otoplastics with Bluetooth headset

We recognise that working with otoplastics with communication jack can be an absolute added value for use in the field. We find the following benefits appropriate when using otoplastics with such a connection:

1. Hearing protection

The main benefit of otoplastics is hearing protection. With their customised fit and sound-absorbing materials, these otoplastics provide effective protection against harmful noise.

2. Hands-free communication

The bluetooth headset allows employees to communicate hands-free with others. This is especially useful in noisy environments where normal communication is difficult or impossible.

3. Staying connected to the team

With otoplastics, workers can stay connected to their team. This is especially useful in situations where employees are spread out over a long distance or work in noisy environments where normal communication is difficult.

4. Increased security

Otoplastics can also contribute to increased safety in the workplace. With hands-free communication and workers staying connected to their team, accidents can be reported faster and a quick response can be made in case of an emergency.


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Invest in otoplastics with a communication solution, such as Bluetooth

The final investment of an otoplasty supply, depends on several factors, such as the type of otoplasty and the desired functionalities. At Ronell, we understand that price is an important aspect for companies looking to purchase hearing protection. That is why we offer a wide range of otoplastics, with different customised solutions.


That's why you choose Ronell otoplastics with communication solution

  • Otoplastics from in-house production, via modern 3D printers
  • High-quality otoplastics from silicone or resin
  • Excellent service, throughout the Netherlands
  • Experienced hearing consultants in various industries
  • Periodic checks and filter replacement or cleaning
  • 2-year warranty


We manufacture our otoplastics in own home, which high quality at low costs guarantees. Our service focuses on customised solutions. Our hearing consultants, active throughout the Netherlands, offer personalised support in your area.

Besides manufacturing, we also provide regular replacement and cleaning of otoplastics, for optimal functionality and protection. You benefit from a two-year warranty and free leak tests, where we continuously monitor quality.


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