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Otoplastics are on custom-made hearing protection devices which are specially designed to protect the ears from harmful noise. They are used in various situations where noise is a risk, such as in the workplace, during motorcycling, when listening to music or even in everyday life.

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If you are looking for otoplastics in Emmen, then you can turn to Ronell. Ronell specialises in supplying customised otoplastics for various applications. Whether you need hearing protection for work, while motorcycling, listening to music or in a noisy environment, Ronell has a solution for you.

At Ronell, you can count on comprehensive service. We have advisers in every region who can guide you. They offer on-site fitting, checking and instruction, ensuring you get a perfect fit and optimal protection. In addition, you will benefit from free periodic leak tests to ensure the otoplastics continue to function properly.

Fit check in Emmen and two-year warranty

Upon delivery, you get a fit check and instructions, so you know exactly how to use the otoplastics correctly. And finally, Ronell offers a two-year warranty on their otoplastics, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

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With Ronell, supplier for otoplastics in Emmen you can rely on high-quality custom-made otoplastics, excellent service and the peace of mind that your hearing is well protected no matter what situation you are in.


On average, how long do otoplastics last before they need to be replaced?

The average lifespan of otoplastics may vary depending on various factors, such as usage, care and the maintenance. In general, otoplastics go on average three to five years before they need to be replaced.

If you are looking for otoplastics in Emmen, you can come to Ronell. We use sustainable materials and supply high-quality otoplastics that can withstand daily use.

Hearing protection tips

In our blog post "Hearing damage: Do's and Don'ts", valuable information is shared on the importance of hearing protection and how to prevent hearing damage. The blog post highlights the following benefits of hearing protection:

  1. Protection against harmful noise: Hearing protection helps protect your hearing from noise that can cause hearing damage. By wearing hearing protection, you can prevent permanent damage to your hearing;
  2. Enhanced security: Hearing protection contributes to a safer environment, especially in noisy workplaces or during activities such as motorcycling or attending concerts. Reducing background noise improves concentration and alertness, promoting safety;
  3. Better sleep quality: Hearing protection can also help promote a good night's sleep. By blocking out disturbing sounds, you can relax better and sleep deeper;
  4. Maintaining sound quality: High-quality hearing protection, such as custom-made otoplastics, can muffle harmful sounds without affecting overall sound quality. This means you can still enjoy music, conversations and other sounds, but at a safer volume;
  5. Customisation and comfort: Custom-made hearing protection, such as otoplastics, offers a perfect fit that is comfortable. Custom-made hearing protection ensures that the protection fits snugly and does not feel uncomfortable with prolonged use.


do's and don'ts of hearing damage

Hearing protection wanted in Emmen?

If you are looking for hearing protection in Emmen, Ronell is the specialist you need. With our local presence, custom-made otoplastics and excellent service, you are assured of the right hearing protection solution to suit your needs and provide optimal protection for your hearing.