Motorbike Otoplastics

The best otoplastics for motorcyclists: comfort and hearing protection in one

People carry otoplastics on the motorbike to protect their ears from harmful noise and prevent hearing damage. Motorcycling exposure to high levels of noise cause noise, especially at higher speeds. Prolonged exposure to such noise can lead to hearing loss and other auditory problems. Because we want to prevent that, Ronell has special otoplastics for motorcyclists. Protect your hearing on the motorbike with Ronell.

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What are otoplastics and why are they important for motorcyclists?

Otoplastics are custom-made hearing protection devices specially designed to fit in the ear canal. They provide effective sound insulation and protection against harmful noise. For motorcyclists, otoplastics are important because they protect hearing while riding a motorbike.

Long motorbike ride planned?
When motorcyclists travel long distances, they are exposed to prolonged and intense noise levels, especially at higher speeds. The noise from the engine and wind can be damaging to hearing and can cause long-term hearing loss. Otoplastics effectively reduce the noise level reaching the ear, reducing the risk of hearing damage.

The importance of comfortable otoplastics
In addition, otoplastics contribute to the comfort of motorcyclists. By reducing noise levels, motorcyclists can concentrate better, reduce fatigue and enjoy a more enjoyable riding experience.


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Preserve your hearing!
For motorcyclists, maintaining good hearing is very important, not only for general well-being, but also for road safety. Being able to hear important sound signals, such as sirens, horns or other vehicles, is essential for making quick and safe decisions while riding. Otoplastics provide protection against harmful noise without completely blocking important sound information.

In short, otoplastics are vital for motorcyclists, because they are custom-made to protect hearing from harmful noise while riding a motorbike. They help maintain good hearing, increase comfort and contribute to safety on the road. Motorcyclists can enjoy their rides with confidence knowing that their hearing is protected with the help of otoplastics.

How are otoplastics custom-made for motorcyclists?

Otoplastics are custom-made for motorcyclists by specialised companies such as Ronell. Ronell is a manufacturer of custom-made otoplastics and has a in-house laboratory Where they produce these products.

At Ronell, otoplastics are individually tailored to each motorcyclist's ears. An experienced consultant from Ronell is available in various regions to help motorcyclists make the right choice and take the necessary hearing prints. These hearing impressions are used to precisely manufacture the otoplastics to ensure a perfect fit and a good sound insulation offer.

Ronell's otoplastics are made of durable material, that comfortable is to wear, even on long journeys. The use of high-quality material ensures that the otoplastics are durable and long-lasting.

In addition, Ronell offers various filters that can be used in otoplastics. These filters offer the possibility of adjusting the sound as desired. For example, they can attenuate ambient noise while maintaining speech intelligibility. This allows motorcyclists to fully enjoy good sound attenuation without missing important sound information.

When purchasing otoplastics from Ronell, motorcyclists benefit from 2-year warranty. This gives extra peace of mind and confidence in the quality and durability of the products.

All in all, Ronell offers tailor-made high-quality otoplastics, with smart filters and an experienced adviser in every region. Motorcyclists can rely on Ronell's expertise to provide customised hearing protection that offers optimal comfort, good noise reduction and speech intelligibility.

customised otoplastics


What is the noise level on a motorbike and how can otoplastics help protect hearing?

The noise level on a motorbike can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of engine, speed, exhaust configuration and other environmental conditions. In general, noise levels can be significant on motorways where motorcyclists often reach higher speeds.

Here is a sample table with some common highway noise levels, expressed in decibels (dB):

Noise level (dB) Source
70 dB Normal conversation
80 dB City traffic
90 dB Passing truck
100 dB Certain motorbikes on the highway
110 dB High-speed sports bikes
120 dB Very loud exhaust systems


Keep in mind that these are just examples and actual noise levels may vary. It is also important to note that prolonged exposure to noise levels above 85 dB can be harmful to hearing.

If motorcyclists have doubts about hearing protection and determining the right sound level, they can contact Ronell or an audiologist to get professional advice specific to their situation. This also applies to other sectors or situations where hearing protection is desired.


Can otoplastics also reduce sounds other than engine noise, such as wind noise?

Yes, otoplastics can also reduce sounds other than engine noise, including wind noise. Because otoplastics are custom-made and have a snug fit, they offer a effective sound insulation that helps reduce ambient noise, including the sound of the wind while riding the bike. This contributes to a more comfortable and less tiring riding experience.


Choose Ronell for an enjoyable motorcycling experience

Protect your hearing while motorcycling with custom-made otoplastics from Ronell. Our otoplastics not only reduce harmful engine noise, but also provide sound insulation against annoying wind noise.

With years of expertise and in-house laboratory we guarantee durable otoplastics of high quality.

Contact our team of experienced advisers in your area or check out our otoplastics on the Ronell website. Drive safely and enjoy a comfortable driving experience with Ronell's custom-made otoplastics.