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When you work in a high-noise environment, it can be harmful to your hearing. Wearing otoplastics helps protect your hearing from these harmful sounds. Otoplastics are custom-made hearing protectors that completely seal your ears and dampen sounds to a safe level.

If you are looking for otoplastics in Friesland, Ronell is the right place. Ronell specialises in hearing protection and can help you find the right otoplastics for your situation. Our otoplastics are custom-made for your earsso they fit perfectly and protect you optimally from harmful noises.

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High-quality and comfortable

Our otoplastics are made of high-quality materials those soft and comfortable are to wear. You can choose to add filters to your otoplastics, so you can still communicate with your colleagues while protecting your hearing.

It is important to protect your hearing, especially if you work in a high-noise environment. Prolonged exposure to harmful sounds can lead to permanent hearing damage and even deafness. With our custom-made otoplastics, you can rest assured that your hearing is well protected, while still allowing you to work comfortably.


The use of otoplastics in Friesland

In Friesland, there are many occupations that require hearing protection. One of the common occupations in Friesland is shipbuilding and ship repair, especially in places like Harlingen, Sneek and Lemmer.

Using heavy tools and machinery can cause high noise levels, which can damage workers' hearing. Therefore, it is important to wear hearing protection while working.

But the use of hearing protection is also crucial in other sectors, such as construction and industry. Cities such as Leeuwarden and Drachten are home to many companies in these sectors.

Our consultant in Friesland can help you find the best hearing protection for your specific occupation and situation, no matter where you are in Friesland.

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customised otoplastics

About Ronell, manufacturer and supplier of otoplastics

Ronell is a leading company in hearing protection. Ronell's headquarters and laboratory are located in Sliedrecht, where our expert technicians provide high-quality hearing protection to customers from all over the country.

Although our head office and laboratory are located in Sliedrecht, we have regional consultants working daily in different parts of the Netherlands, including Friesland. In Friesland, for example, we have a consultant who lives and works daily in this region.


Meet Harry Koggel

Our consultant in Friesland, Harry Koggel, is well-trained and has years of experience in advising customers on the best hearing protection for their specific situation. Whether you are looking for custom-made otoplastics or other types of hearing protection, Harry can help you find the right solution in Friesland.

Moreover, our regional consultants come on site to take measurements and fit custom-made hearing protection. This ensures that we can offer our customers in Friesland the best service and ensure that their hearing is well protected.

Otoplastics Friesland

Laws and regulations on hearing protection

In the Netherlands, there are laws and regulations surrounding hearing protection to ensure the health and safety of employees. The main legislation in this area is the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Decree.

Occupational Health and Safety Act

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers to make hearing protection available to employees exposed to noise levels above the legal standard of 80 decibels averaged over eight hours a day. Employers must also carry out a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) to determine which workers need hearing protection.

Health and Safety Order

The Health and Safety Order describes the requirements that hearing protection must meet and how it must be used and maintained. It requires employers to offer customised hearing protection to employees who are regularly exposed to high noise levels and where standard hearing protection is inadequate.

European standards

Besides the Working Conditions Act and the Working Conditions Decree, there are also European standards for hearing protection. The most relevant standard is EN-352, which describes the requirements to be met by hearing protection. Hearing protection that complies with this standard bears a CE mark.

Failure to comply with laws and regulations can lead to fines and other penalties for employers. It is therefore important that employers are aware of applicable laws and regulations and ensure that employees are adequately protected from harmful noise in the workplace. At Ronell, we can help you find the right hearing protection for your employees and educate them on the laws and regulations.

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