Otoplastics made to measure

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We cannot say it often enough; hearing protection in the form of custom-made otoplastics is of unprecedented importance. Nonchalance in this is punished with lifelong hearing impairment. Hearing protection offers the opposite. Working safely in a noisy environment without any risk of hearing damage.

At least. If the right hearing protection is chosen based on expert advice. On this page, we take a closer look at the prevention around hearing protection and the benefits of customised otoplastics. We contrast it with other options, explain more about the fitting and about the use of otoplastics. You can read more about our company; Ronell, at the bottom of this page.

The need for custom-made otoplastics

You, and/or your employees probably deal with a noisy work environment. After all, you are not looking for otoplastics for drilling a hole for a painting. With that, you know of the great importance of good hearing protection in the form of custom-made otoplastics. In practice, we see that in some cases in the workplace, the use of protective equipment, such as hearing protection, is taken lightly. That is why we think it is important, because providing We see hearing protection as our core task, to provide customised otoplastics in addition to prevention tools do. This gives us an extra dimension with our customers when we provide custom-made otoplastics.

Prevention handouts

As described, in addition to developing, manufacturing and supplying otoplastics, various preventive tools to encourage use in the workplace. For this purpose, our customers can use, among others:

  • Our toolbox
  • Our e-paper
  • Free leak tests
  • Expert advice from our advisers

We would like to briefly explain the toolbox. Our toolbox is an on-site presentation by one of our advisers. During this moment, the relevant advisers will take employees through the causes and consequences of hearing damage. Topics covered include:

  • How does hearing work?
  • What causes hearing loss?
  • What are the implications in the field?
  • What measures should you take?

Why customised otoplastics?

Surely you can opt for ear muffs or ear plugs? A question our advisers are sometimes asked. And of course you can, but as far as we are concerned, the advantages of custom-made otoplastics far outweigh the other choices. We explain two advantages of custom-made otoplastics, namely; quality of protection and comfort.


You don't wear hearing protection for nothing. But opt for quality and reliability, so you know that wearing hearing protection actually offers protection. So invest in quality. Because the difference between custom-made otoplastics and other choices is huge. Custom-made otoplastics fit perfectly in the end user's ear. Guaranteed no sound leakage. In addition, investing in custom-made otoplastics is also a better choice for the longer term. After all, custom-made otoplastics last up to six years longer.


Work a lot in noisy environments? A large part of working time is spent using hearing protection, such as custom-made otoplastics. Product comfort is therefore important. Unlike ear muffs, for example, custom-made otoplastics are fully adapted to the end user's ear canals. In practice, the better comfort also ensures a higher usage rate.


For the fitting of custom-made otoplastics, we have our own working method, creating the best possible protection. Our working method consists of four steps; measurement, production, delivery and leak testing. Before custom-made otoplastics go into production, we measure end-users' ear canals on site. After production, we deliver the otoplastics in person and test for leaks. If required, we also use this time to give a presentation to employees on the importance of hearing protection. If an ear mould leaks within two years, we offer the right of replacement.

About us; Ronell

Want to know more about customised otoplastics? Ronell's team includes seven expert consultants, who are happy to share all the ins and outs about our products. We are located in Sliedrecht, close to Dordrecht and Rotterdam, but have national coverage. Ronell guarantees experience and expertise. We have already been able to protect more than 80,000 ears from hearing damage. Contact us for more information or a no-obligation appointment!