Cleaning otoplastics

Cleaning Otoplastics: The importance of proper maintenance

Cleaning otoplastics is very important for the functioning of this type of hearing protection. Regular and thorough cleaning not only prevents ear infections, but also the 'leakage' of sound. Moreover, proper maintenance ensures a longer life of your precious hearing protection.

This is why we have a complete cleaning set compiled. More information can be found at this page.

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Cleaning otoplastics

Cleaning kit for otoplastics

Our cleaning kit for otoplastics contains everything you need to thoroughly clean your hearing protection. With this kit, you can easily and effectively maintain your otoplastics. The kit contains enough cleaning material for at least one year of cleaning, with recommended use.

The components of the set can also be ordered separately. Below is an overview of the contents of the cleaning set:

  • Cleaning tray with sieve
  • Air blower
  • Cleansing wipes
  • 24 cleaning tablets

Cleaning tray with sieve

The cleaning tray is specially designed to clean your otoplastics safely and easily. The sieve in the tray ensures that dirt and debris are effectively removed.

Air blower

The blower is a handy tool for blowing away dust and dirt from hard-to-reach areas of your otoplastics.

Cleansing wipes

The cleaning wipes are made of soft and absorbent material. They are ideal for cleaning the surface of your otoplastics and removing any residue or stains.

Cleaning spray

Specially developed for otoplastics, our cleaning spray ensures thorough cleaning. The spray effectively removes grease, earwax and other dirt that can accumulate in your hearing protection.

24 cleaning tablets

Our cleaning tablets offer deep cleaning for your otoplastics. They dissolve in water and thoroughly remove bacteria and dirt. Use the tablets regularly to keep your hearing protection fresh and hygienic.


The importance of controls

In addition to the importance of properly cleaning your otoplastics, it is also essential to have regular checks carried out. At Ronell, we offer free inspections to for your otoplastics. This is because it is dangerous if otoplastics allow sound to pass through unintentionally, as this can endanger your hearing.

Upon delivery of your otoplastics, we perform a standard check to ensure that the otoplasty provides optimal attenuation and fits perfectly. But even after delivery, it is important to have your hearing protection checked at least once a year. This allows any problems to be spotted and rectified in time.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience and can accurately assess the performance of your otoplastics. During the check-up, they look at the attenuation properties and the overall condition of the otoplastics. Should your otoplastics no longer work optimally within two years, we will replace them free of charge.

Hearing protection is a precious asset and must function properly to provide optimal protection for your hearing. Regular checks at Ronell will ensure that your otoplastics are always in optimal condition and your hearing remains maximally protected.

Professional laboratory

At Ronell, we have our own laboratory where we make our otoplastics. Our specialists are highly experienced and use advanced technologies and high-quality materials to produce hearing protection that meets the highest quality standards. By having the production process entirely in-house, we can guarantee the quality of each pair of otoplastics.

Our expertise in making otoplastics also allows us to carefully put together the cleaning kit. We understand the specific cleaning needs of otoplastics and have ensured that our cleaning kit contains all the necessary components to clean your hearing protection thoroughly and safely.

Cleaning otoplastics

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At Ronell, we stand for quality, expertise and excellent service. With our otoplastic cleaning kit, you can clean your hearing protection regularly and thoroughly, preventing ear infections and sound leakage and extending the life of your otoplastics.

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