What is the price of professional otoplastics?

Price of otoplastics

Professional otoplastics are custom-made earplugs which can be used in various situations, such as concerts, construction, shooting sports or while sleeping.

It is a smart investment for people who are often in loud environments, and want to protect their hearing. We are regularly asked what otoplastics costs.

In this article, we will discuss the price of otoplastics discuss and why it is worth investing in it.

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What affects the price of otoplastics?

The price of otoplastics depends on several factors, such as the type otoplasty, the material from which it is made, the functions of the otoplasty and the quality of it.

For example, a standard otoplasty used for sleeping purposes may be cheaper than an otoplasty made specifically for practising in heavy industry. Also, otoplastics made from premium materials, such as silicone or resin, are more expensive than otoplastics made of cheaper materials.

Why are otoplastics a good investment?

Although otoplastics may seem expensive at first glance, they are a very worthwhile investment. Hearing loss is a common problem that can occur as a result of prolonged exposure to loud sounds. This can affect not only your hearing ability, but also your overall health.

By wearing otoplastics, you can protect your hearing and avoid the reduce risk of hearing loss. This can save costs in the long run in the form of medical bills or hearing aids.

Otoplastics vs. regular earplugs

Although regular earplugs are cheaper than otoplastics, they offer not the same protection as custom-made otoplastics. Regular earplugs do not seal your ear canal properly, allowing sound to still enter your ears. This can lead to hearing damage and even permanent hearing loss. Otoplastics are custom-made to fit your ears perfectly and provide full protection against loud noises.

Why are otoplastics more expensive than regular earplugs?

Otoplastics are more expensive than regular earplugs because they are customised are for your ears. This means that there are time and expertise needed to make them.

The process begins with noise measurement. Here, averages or peak volumes are measured in the (work) situation. Based on this, hearing experts can measure which hearing filters best suit the situation.

Next, it is important to measure hearing protection personally. A print made of the ear and ear canal. At Ronell hearing experts, this mould is manufactured in a in-house laboratory. Through a 3D scanner an exact copy is made that comes from resin or silicone can be printed. Because this process special equipment requires, this obviously affects the price. However, this process is crucial for the best-performing otoplastics, which therefore makes it a sustainable investment.


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Where can I buy otoplastics?

Otoplastics can be bought from specialised shops or online. It is important to choose a reliable supplier with experience in making custom-made otoplastics. It is also important to choose a supplier that offers good customer service and guarantees on the quality of their products.

Ronell is a specialist supplier of hearing protection. Ronell makes otoplastics for the food industry, construction, heavy industry and more. In addition, Ronell offers training and instruction to students. Every year, Ronell fits hundreds of new students with otoplastics, ensuring their young ears are properly protected.

Wondering if Ronell can do something for your organisation? Contact contact with one of our hearing consultants.

Can I get otoplastics reimbursed?

In some cases, otoplastics can be reimbursed by your health insurer. However, this depends on your policy and the reason why you need the otoplastics. Contact your health insurer to see if you are eligible for reimbursement.

How long do otoplastics last?

Otoplastics go on average between three and five years last, depending on how well they are maintained and used. It is important to clean otoplastics regularly and inspect them for any wear. It is also advisable to store otoplastics in a sturdy, protective case to prevent damage.

Because hearing damage cannot be cured, Ronell conducts free leak tests out. You also receive a two-year fit guarantee on the invested hearing protection.

Can I have my otoplastics repaired?

Yes, in some cases otoplastics can be repaired if they are damaged. Contact your supplier to see if they offer repair services and what the costs are.

Are you investing in safe hearing protection?

Otoplastics are custom-made earplugs that provide protection against loud noises. Although they are more expensive than regular earplugs, they are a worthwhile investment as they can save costs and prevent hearing damage in the long run.

The price of otoplastics depends on several factors, such as the type of otoplasty, the material it is made of, the functions of the otoplasty and its quality.

It is important to choose a reliable supplier with experience in making custom-made otoplastics and offers guarantees on the quality of their products.


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Cost of otoplastics from Ronell

It is important to us that there are no surprises for our customers. We offer clarity by working with fixed prices for guaranteed hearing protection. So no unexpected and uncommunicated costs. But a fair and clear price of our otoplastics.

Through our approach, we always arrive at a fair price. We measure the situation, will fit employees with hearing protection and have our own production lab. We also do the delivery ourselves. Because we do not work with external companies, but have full in-house production, we can offer competitive prices for your company or organisation. We also visit you regularly to test the quality. So you have warranty That the otoplastics do not leak sound.

Curious about the costs and possibilities of otoplastics via Ronell? Then take contact with our advisers.

What do we offer?

First and foremost, we offer quality and pure craftsmanship. Hearing protection at its best. But we offer more. To provide optimum safety and protection in the workplace, our customers also enjoy our additional services, such as:

  • Free fitting of otoplastics
  • Free leak tests
  • Free kilometres
  • Two years fit guarantee
  • Flexible delivery. Namely: personal delivery, including testing of the otoplastics.

The above service is particularly appreciated in practice by our customers. And although not included in the price of otoplastics, it is part of our standard service that every customer uses.

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Accessories otoplastics

Which type otoplastics and which accessories are best chosen depends entirely on the situation in which the otoplastics are used. Our advisers know how to ask the right questions and from there arrive at the best advice for otoplastics in the end user's working environment. Questions include:

  • What are the volumes in the working environment?
  • Is there much communication between colleagues?
  • How much will the hearing protection be worn?
  • Is the hearing protection intended For a permanent employee? Or rather for a flex employee?

Introducing; Ronell

Before you contact us, you might like to get a little better idea of our company. Ronell is based in Sliedrecht, located in the province of South Holland. Our seven consultants ensure Ronell's national coverage. In all corners of the country, beautiful companies are allowed to provide workplace hearing protection.

Curious about the faces behind Ronell? Then also take a look at the 'about us' page. Want to know more about Otoplastics or still have a burning question? We might answer it on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Convinced? Or need more information? Our advisers will be happy to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask your question. For example, if you want to know more about the price of otoplastics.