Professional earplugs

Why are professional earplugs vital?

Good tools are indispensable for doing a good job. Just as good protection is indispensable to prevent damage. Ronell offers a diverse range of professional earplugs. In addition, we provide customised solutions to offer optimal hearing protection.

Professional earplugs for professionals. That's how we can sum up our services. Providing optimal hearing protection, which is what our expert consultants are there for every day. Ronell is not only a manufacturer and supplier of professional earplugs, but also contributes to their correct use in the workplace. This page explains more about professional earplugs and our additional services.

Professional earplugs

What makes professional earplugs professional? Roughly speaking, we take two criteria as our starting point for this. Namely quality and wearing comfort.

When looking at quality, first and foremost it is logically very important that the earplugs prevent hearing damage. This is why we prefer our custom-made earplugs, especially for the professional user. Also called otoplastics. With our otoplastics, we ensure a completely sealed ear canal by producing each earplug uniquely for the end user's ear canal. In doing so, we guarantee the absolute best in professional earplugs.

Wearing comfort is a logical consequence of customisation and top quality. A product, custom-made, has a better fit and is therefore more pleasant to use. Unlike universal earplugs or ear muffs, for example. Better wearing comfort then logically contributes to more wearing hours, which ultimately leads to increased hearing protection. As far as we are concerned, these elements add up to the definition of professional earplugs.

Additional services

Ronell offers more than the manufacture and supply of professional earplugs. Because preventing hearing damage is our basic principle. That is why we offer our customers, completely free of charge, some great additional services. Such as; e-paper and information poster, toolboxes, leak tests and a two-year warranty.

E-paper and information poster

From our experience in our customers' workplaces, we know how important prevention against exposure to harmful noise is. We have incorporated that experience into an e-paper. It can be downloaded via this page. The e-paper is accessible not only to our customers, but to anyone who benefits from increased safety in the workplace.

Continuous attention to hearing damage and hearing protection is important to keep encouraging employees to use professional earplugs. We have created a clear information poster especially for this purpose. It can be downloaded free of charge at this page on our website.

Available information on hearing protection

Furthermore, on this website we have several pages with information available around the topic of hearing protection and hearing damage. For example about laws and regulations and prevention (with tips on possible prevention measures such as; limiting volume, covering noise source, working shorter hours and hearing protection).


The main work of our advisers is advising on professional earplugs. But they also provide so-called toolboxes at our customers' premises. They often do this in combination with leak testing or fitting professional earplugs. The toolbox is a presentation for employees and end-users of the otoplastics. The on-site consultant covers the following topics, among others:

  • The workings of hearing;
  • Causes of hearing damage;
  • What measures to take;
  • What does hearing damage mean for you and your employer?

Our advisers find it important to give recognisable examples during a presentation and ensure interaction.

Services and warranties

When Ronell supplies professional earplugs, you automatically benefit from our additional services and guarantees. We highlight two of them; free leak tests and a two-year fit guarantee.

We offer our customers free annual leak tests for professional earplugs. Our consultant does this at your premises, and you do not pay any mileage fee either. This prevents false safety in the workplace. In addition, we promise a two-year fit guarantee. Do the professional earplugs no longer fit snugly on the end user's ears within two years? Then you are entitled to a free replacement. In this way, we stand by the quality of hearing protection for you(your employees).

Pleasant; Ronell

Through this page, we have provided various information about our professional earplugs and our additional services. Chances are you would like to know more or have additional questions. Feel free to contact us, our advisers are ready to answer your questions every day and serve you according to our high service standards.

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