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How to implement the right measures? Below, our hearing consultants share tips on how to implement the right measures in the workplace.

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  • 'Point out the consequences of hearing damage. Many companies train their staff on working safely. As hearing damage is one of the most common occupational diseases, this training cannot be missing. For example, ask a toolbox to.’
  • 'Of course, there are more ways to raise staff awareness. Posters and internal news releases motivate staff to participate.'
  • 'Personal motivation often depends on the comfort of hearing protection. So let employees choose the most comfortable protection for themselves. You will see that this will immediately increase the use of hearing protection.'
  • 'Often lacks support to use hearing protection. This involves both personal motivations and peer pressure. Often, departments or teams find it 'cumbersome' or 'soft' to devote time and attention to it. Group pressure can be turned into something positive, with employees reminding each other to use it.'
  • 'Discuss the measures with your employees in advance. That way, prevention is not unexpected and there is support among work teams. Employees can also indicate which hearing protection they find most comfortable.'
  • 'Make sure employees know where to get hearing protection. Also maintenance is very important to keep hearing protection clean and durable.'

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