Cleaning otoplastics


Proper maintenance ensures that your otoplastics last for years. Watch a short video on how to clean otoplastics properly here.

Check your otoplastics every working day: 

  • When you take the otoplastics out at the end of your working day, clean them immediately with a clean and dry cloth.  
  • Use your cerumen pen to clean the narrow filter channel. 
  • Did you clean everything well? Spray your otoplastics with the cleaning spray or clean it with the tissues supplied.  
  • Regularly inspect the otoplastics for dirt. So you can be sure that your ears remain well protected.


At least once every two weeks, you should clean the otoplastics more thoroughly: 

  • For this we offer cleaning tablets, so that dust and dirt in the small corners are removed.  
  • Put one tablet with some lukewarm water in the receptacle. Put the otoplastics in the strainer and also place them in the tray. Leave the filters in the otoplastics while cleaning.  
  • After a few hours of bubbling, your otoplastics are as good as new.  
  • Make sure the otoplastics are dry when in use. Use the blower pump to blow the filter and the channel dry. Make sure your filter stays in properly.

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