This is how to put in otoplastics properly


Many workers wear their hearing protection incorrectly. This is not only uncomfortable but also unsafe, as the otoplastics then do not protect properly. We are happy to explain how to put in otoplastics the right way.

  • Put the earplugs in front of you. Red is for right and blue is for left. 
  • You can twist the cord on the clip and then clip it on.  
  • Now you can attach the clip to your collar. This way you can never drop the otoplastics. Now grab the hearing protector by the approach between thumb and forefinger. The serial number should be held away from you. 
  • Hold the earplug upright and insert it into your ear. If necessary, twist the otoplastic a little so that it sits a little deeper. 
  • Are you suffering from friction from the cord? Then wear it over your ears.  
  • Taking out Otoplastics: grasp them between thumb and forefinger and twist them slightly. Now you can easily take them out.


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Axel Sman Otoplastics

Questions about using your otoplastics? Feel free to contact me!

Axel Sman
Hearing counsellor

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