Van Wees Waalwijk


Van Wees Waalwijk is active in engineering, special machine construction, robotics and technical services for industry. Many mechanics also work on machine maintenance. The food industry is an important customer of Van Wees Waalwijk. Johan Steenbeek talks more about the development of work safety:

"At our workplaces, we work a lot with metal and so there is noise. Think of grinding, milling and machining. In the past, an ear muff or earplug was enough. But nowadays there is modernisation in terms of hearing protection. That is why we were looking for a party that could not only supply, but also think along with us. In Ronell, we found what we were looking for: good quality and personal contacts.

Personal hearing protection always has a plus. The advantage is that everyone is motivated to wear them and feels responsible for doing so. Ronell's working method is very nice; there is quick and personal contact. The hearing adviser's substantive advice really makes things safer in the workplace!"

The hearing consultant at Van Wees Waalwijk: 
Axel Sman 

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