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Buying Otoplastics: High-quality protection tailored to your hearing

Ronell has been considered the otoplastics specialist in the Netherlands for decades. Based in Sliedrecht, we supply high-quality otoplastics throughout the Netherlands.

We offer a comprehensive range of otoplastics. Whether you need otoplastics for work, spare time or specific activities; Ronell offers optimal hearing protection.

Buying Otoplastics at Ronell

If you want to buy otoplastics, you've come to the right place at Ronell. Our experienced hearing consultants will be happy to help you choose the right otoplastics to suit your needs. Because every ear is unique, we offer custom-made otoplastics that perfect connection On the shape of your ears.

Our Methods

When you decide to buy otoplastics from us, we start with a noise measurement and the taking an impression of the ear.

This printout is then used to create an exact copy of resin or silicone print, with the selected filter regulates the volume per frequency.

After production, the otoplasty personally delivered, so we can test the quality and give instructions.

Buy Otoplastics

Buy Otoplastics? Discover our product range

At Ronell, we offer a wide range of otoplastics suitable for different applications. Regardless of whether you want to buy otoplastics for industrial work, music events or other activities. An insight into the range of otoplastics you can buy from us:

  • Acrylic protector
  • Silicon protector
  • Communicator
  • Food-proof protector
  • Aftershokz headset
  • Custom made

Acrylic Protector

These otoplastics are made of high-quality acrylic and offer excellent noise attenuation. They are suitable for various industrial applications and provide comfortable protection throughout the day.

Silicon Protector

Silicone otoplastics are flexible and adapt perfectly to the shape of your ears. They offer excellent sealing and attenuation, making them ideal for loud environments.


These otoplastics are specially designed for communication in the workplace. They offer protection against harmful noise and contain built-in communication technology, allowing you to continue communicating with your colleagues without putting your ears at risk.

Food-proof protector

Our food-proof otoplastics are specially designed to meet the stringent hygiene requirements in this sector, while also providing optimal hearing protection.

Aftershokz headset

These unique otoplastics use bone conduction technology, allowing you to enjoy sound without covering your ears. Ideal for people who want to remain aware of their surroundings while listening.

Custom made

In addition to our standard otoplastics, we also offer fully custom-made solutions. These otoplastics are made especially for your ears and offer unmatched fit and protection.

Buy Otoplastics

Filters for different applications

At Ronell, we understand that different environments and activities require different levels of hearing protection. This is why we offer filters that can be added to your otoplastics. These filters help customise the attenuation to your specific needs. Here are some of the filters available:

  • Industry Grey: suitable for work with noise to medium 101 decibels per day. Think grinding, jigsaws or motorcycling at 100 km/h.
  • Industry Red: suitable for work with noise to medium 105 decibels per day. Think grass cutting, chainsaws or a helicopter at close range.
  • Industry Purple: suitable for work with noise to medium 107 decibels per day. Think of a pressure washer, mower or angle grinder.
  • Ambient Black: suitable for creating tranquillity. Consider travel, sleep or work in an office garden.
  • Shooting Beige: Suitable for shooting sports. Damps as standard 15 decibels, but during the shot 33 decibels due to air pressure.
  • Music White: Suitable for concerts and events. Dampens with 20 decibels.

Free periodic leak test

When you buy your otoplastics from Ronell, you also enjoy our service. Such as, for example, the free leak tests.

During leak testing, we measure the reliability of your otoplastics. In doing so, we check whether your otoplastics still have the proper sealing offer. These leak tests are carried out free of charge by our professional hearing consultants.

During the leak test, the otoplasty is filled with air and checked for possible leaks. This ensures that you can rely on the quality and protection of your otoplastics.

We recommend you have your otoplastics leak tested regularly, preferably at least once a year. As a result, you can rest assured that your hearing protection will always perform optimally and provide the right protection.

At Ronell, this way we not only provide high-quality otoplastics, but also the maintenance and its reliability.

Two-year warranty

Do we measure leakage within two years of purchasing your otoplastics? Then you will get new otoplastics delivered free of charge.

Buy Otoplastics

At Ronell, we understand that your hearing is precious, which is why we offer high-quality otoplastics that are specially custom-made. With our wide selection of otoplastics and filters, combined with the expertise of our local hearing consultants, you can be confident that you are getting the right hearing protection.

Buy your otoplastics from Ronell and protect your hearing. Contact us the page 'Make an appointment' or call directly at: 0184 434 440.

With Ronell, you choose the best custom-made hearing protection!

Frequently asked questions buying otoplastics

What are otoplastics?

Otoplastics are custom-made hearing protectors designed to fit the ear perfectly. They provide protection against harmful noise in various environments.

Why choose Ronell for otoplastics?

Ronell is a hearing protection specialist with decades of experience, offering custom-made otoplastics for various applications, including work, leisure and specific activities.

How are Ronell otoplastics made?

Ronell's otoplastics are made from an impression of your ear to ensure a perfect fit. They can be made of resin or silicone, with filters that adjust the noise level.

What types of otoplastics does Ronell offer?

Ronell offers a wide range of otoplastics, including Acrylic Protector, Silicon Protector, Communicator, Food-proof Protector, Aftershokz headset, and Custom Made solutions.

What additional services does Ronell offer when purchasing otoplastics?

When purchasing otoplastics from Ronell, you get access to free periodic leak tests and a two-year leakage guarantee, where you will receive new otoplastics for free if a leak is detected within this period.