Ordering Otoplastics Utrecht

Tailor-made, high-quality, hearing protection

At Ronell, we are the experts in otoplastics. We are based in Sliedrecht, and supply through our local adviser in Utrecht. Ronell has its own advanced laboratory, where otoplastics are made.

Our local advisers play a vital role in providing high-quality otoplastics to companies and professionals throughout the Netherlands. In Utrecht, our advisor is Mariska. She will visit you for fitting. But also for delivery and free leak tests. So you do not have to go out yourself and we provide your company in Utrecht with new otoplastics.

Hearing protection for (region) Utrecht

Utrecht, a city full of dynamism and activity, is centrally located in the Netherlands. With a rich history, vibrant culture and a thriving economy, Utrecht is the ideal place for many businesses.

Customised hearing protection is essential to protect your employees from harmful noise in the workplace. Our otoplastics are specially designed To perfectly fit the unique shape of each wearer's ear, making maximum protection is offered without compromising on wearing comfort. This allows your employees to fully concentrate on their tasks while their hearing is optimally protected.

Local consultant otoplastics Utrecht

Mariska, our local advisor in Utrecht, visits companies in Utrecht and the Utrecht region on a daily basis. Mariska and lots of experience and expertise and is happy to provide you with expert advice and tailor-made solutions.

Important here is to understand your specific requirements and help you choose the right otoplastics to suit your corporate culture and work environment.

Otoplastics Utrecht

Highest quality otoplastics

At Ronell, we aim to offer the highest quality otoplastics that meet the strictest standards in hearing protection.

Our products are manufactured using advanced materials and production techniques, using the latest digital technologies. This enables us to create a perfect fit guarantee and a optimum noise reduction offer even in the most demanding environments.

Our otoplastics are custom-made to perfectly fit the contours of the ear, making them comfortable can be worn for prolonged periods. They are made of durable materials that can withstand wear and prolonged use.

Moreover, we offer various filter systems that can customise sound, so you can enjoy clear communication without compromising on hearing protection.

Personalised approach for your company or organisation in (the region of) Utrecht

If you are based in Utrecht, we understand that you need a fast and efficient service. That is why Mariska, our local advisor, provides a personalised approach. She will be happy to visit you on site to identify your specific needs and advise you on the best solution for your business.

More information about the possibilities for your company or organisation? Please visit contact on with Mariska.

Otoplastics Utrecht

Our Methods

Your ears can be protected in various ways, but otoplastics (custom-made earplugs) are the most effective solution. This hearing protector is specially made based on your own ear impression, giving you a 100% proper fit for your ear and providing virtually no chance of leakage.

Ronell's approach to otoplastics in Utrecht is as follows:

  • Measurement
  • Production
  • Delivery
  • Free leak tests


The process begins with a noise measurement at your company or organisation in Utrecht determining the averages or peak volumes. This measurement helps us determine which filter best suits your work situation in Utrecht. At the same time, the hearing protection for your employees is fitted. An impression is taken of their ear, giving us a perfect representation of the ear canal.


The ear impression is sent to our state-of-the-art laboratory. Here, the impression is placed in a 3D scanner placed so that an exact copy of resin or silicone can be printed. This forms the basis of the otoplasty, with a channel for sound to pass through. Based on your wishes, further details can be added, such as a approach (handle), lanyard and detection bullet. Now the otoplasty is ready for use.


At Ronell, we understand that it is crucial that hearing protection is properly instructed and fits perfectly. That's why we deliver otoplastics in person in Utrecht, so that we can get the be able to test quality and at the same time instructions can give. This way, we ensure that you are well protected.

Free leak tests

It is important to realise that the ear canal can deform over the years. This may cause the attenuation to decrease slightly unnoticed. To ensure the quality of the otoplastics, we visit you regularly for free leak tests. This way, we can guarantee protection. Should the otoplasty pass sound within two years, you are entitled to replacement at Ronell.

Otoplastics Utrecht

Make an appointment with Mariska

Want to schedule an appointment to talk through Ronell's options for supplying otoplastics in Utrecht? Let us know. You can call: +31 184 434 440, email: info@ronell.nl, or fill in the form on our 'make an appointment' page.