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Foodmate BV is a manufacturer of machinery for the poultry processing industry. With almost half a century of experience, Foodmate designs and supplies efficient and safe machines all over the world. Production takes place entirely in the Netherlands, where about 250 employees work. Harry Kortus is the quality controller at Foodmate and he always performs the final checks before a machine is delivered.

"Safety for staff is very important! A lot of drilling and grinding takes place on the shop floor, and rotating machines also produce a lot of noise. The 80-decibel limit is often exceeded during production activities, which is why hearing protection is really necessary. We deliberately use custom-made earplugs for comfort. My colleagues are very happy with them!

Previously, otoplastics were supplied by another party, but employees had to go there all by themselves. Now that Ronell is a supplier, the regular adviser simply comes on site, even if only one person needs something. That's why I would definitely recommend Ronell! The consultant is easy to reach and is quickly on the doorstep. In short: I am very satisfied with Ronell!" 

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The hearing consultant at Foodmate
Jaco Oosterom 


The quality controller at Foodmate

Harry Kortus

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