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Handy in the workplace: Otoplastics with communication

When it comes to protecting your hearing in noisy environments, there are several options available. One of these is traditional hearing protection, while the other option otoplastics with communication are. The last one is something we like to provide more information on. Because what is meant by otoplastics with communication?

Ronell offers high-quality solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Get in touch to find out more about our extensive range of otoplastics and find out which solution suits you best.

As a provider of both flavours, we are happy to give you more information about the options in terms of otoplastics on this page.

What are otoplastics with communication?

Otoplastics combined with a bluetooth headset Its tailor-made hearing protectors in combination with a Shokz headset. They enable workers to hands-free to call and stay connected in noisy environments. The otoplastics are custom-made for the individual wearer, making them comfortable and effective in muffling noise.

In addition to the bluetooth headset, we can fit otoplastics with a audio connection. This otoplastics effectively dampen ambient noise, while letting clear audio through via a built-in audio jack. This is used, for example, for walkie-talkies.


How do otoplastics with bluetooth work?

The bluetooth headset with bone conduction technology connects to devices such as smartphones. The bone conduction technology ensures that communication is possible even while wearing otoplastics.

Ronell is a reliable otoplastics provider with communication solutions and can help select and customise these solutions based on specific needs and requirements in the workplace.


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What are the benefits of otoplastics with communication?

4. Hearing protection

Otoplastics with communication provide effective hearing protection by attenuating harmful noise. They reduce the risk of hearing damage when exposed to noise in the workplace.


Improved communication

The communication features allow workers to easily communicate with each other in noisy environments. The otoplastics let through important speech and sound information while reducing ambient noise.


Safety and efficiency

Its communication capability allows workers to communicate with each other safely and efficiently, even in noisy environments. This improves overall workplace safety, coordination and productivity.


Custom solutions

Otoplastics with communication are custom-made to fit individual workers' ears perfectly. They offer comfort and a good seal, ensuring optimal hearing protection and sound transmission.


Integrated technology

With the integration of Bluetooth technology otoplastics can connect wirelessly to other devices and communication systems in the workplace. This ensures seamless and easy communication without the hassle of cabling.


Awareness of the environment

Although otoplastics with communication attenuate ambient noise, they also maintain a degree of situational awareness. Workers can pick up important warning signals and environmental sounds, further improving safety.



Otoplastics with communication are available in different models and styles, making them suitable for different professions and environments. They can be adapted to specific employee needs and requirements.


By providing these benefits, otoplastics with communication play a valuable role in protecting workers' hearing while enabling effective communication in noisy work environments.


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Otoplastics with communication: what options are there?

Are you looking for otoplastics with communication? With us we offer two great options that can help you communicate in noisy environments while protecting your hearing.


Otoplastics with communication connector

Our connectorised otoplastics are specially designed to add an audio jack. This allows you to make your using your own earplugs, which fit precisely inside the otoplasty. While ambient noise is filtered through the otoplasty, audio comes in unfiltered, so you can hear clearly what is being said.

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Shokz Headset

For an alternative solution, we offer the Shokz Headset. This headset is ideal if you want to communicate safely without the sound carrier resting directly on your ears. Thanks to the innovative ultrasonic vibrations sound is conducted through the hearing protection, allowing you to enjoy clear communication while your ears remain protected.

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Whether you choose the plug-in otoplastics or the Shokz Headset, both options offer high-quality communication functions and excellent hearing protection. They can be adapted to your individual needs and allow you to communicate effectively in noisy work environments, while protecting your hearing in the best possible way.

Contact us today to find out more about our otoplastics with communication and find out which option suits you best.


Otoplastics with communication vs. Traditional hearing protection

When protecting your hearing in noisy environments, several options are available, including traditional hearing protection and otoplastics with communication.

While both options reduce noise exposure, there are some key differences between the two approaches. Below is a comparison table that contrasts the key features of otoplastics with communication and traditional hearing protection.


Features Otoplastics with communication Traditional hearing protection
4. Hearing protection Yes Yes
Communication functions Yes No
Connection to devices Yes No
Sound transmission Unfiltered audio Sound is muted
Customisation options Yes Limited options
Comfort High May vary
Situational awareness Can filter ambient noise Noise is attenuated
Versatility Yes, adaptable to different professions and environments Limited variation
Price Generally higher Generally lower


The table above represents a general comparison and the specific features may vary depending on the brand, model and specific products available on the market.

It is important to consider the specific needs of your working environment and your communication requirements when choosing between otoplastics with communication and traditional hearing protection. Otoplastics with communication offer the benefit of both hearing protection and the ability to communicate effectively, while traditional hearing protection focuses on muffling sound without communication functions.

Optimal hearing protection, effective communication?

Whether you choose otoplastics with communication or traditional hearing protection, Ronell is a professional and reliable party offering a wide range of custom-made hearing protection solutions.

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