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Stieva Metaal Group is a broad-based company in the metal industry. All kinds of metal applications for ships, construction companies and the food industry are produced at Stieva. Timo van Rijn is head of production and manages the processes.  

"In the workshop, there is a lot of noise, including from using hammers on metal and grinding it. Good hearing protection is therefore indispensable. For this, around 75 employees use otoplastics. My colleagues are very positive about the wearing comfort of the earplugs!

When there are new employees, Stieva schedules an appointment with Ronell's consultant. An annual check is also carried out to check the operation of all otoplastics. So we see each other regularly.

The relationship between Stieva and Ronell has existed since 2008. And for good reason: if something is wrong, Ronell responds and acts quickly. The consultant takes the work off my hands so I don't have to worry about it." 

Learn more about otoplastics 

The hearing consultant at Stieva Metaal Groep  
Angema Appel 

Head of production at Stieva Metal Group
Timo van Rijn

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