Thielco is global active in grate manufacturing and surface treatment. From these two branches, the family-owned company serves e.g. the automotive, petrochemistry and wind energy-industry. Safety for every employee is hereat very important. Especially in the last 20 years, a lot has developed in the field of PPE. Hans Vrenken, HR manager at Thielcotells more about hearing protection.  
"We had been offering hearing protection for some time, but it was difficult for us to get actual use whereensure. Therefore, we have proposed both toolboxes and hearing protection checks. Both services can Ronell offer so that the supply at onen supplier remains. But more importantly, the service and quality of Ronell has contributed To better use of hearing protection. 
The short lines of communication with hearing consultant Axel are very pleasant. If there is a need for new hearing protection or as er sth. repaired must be, it is quickly on site. Flexibility and speed are important values for us. In that respect, we are a good match as companies!

The hearing consultant at Thielco  
Axel Sman 

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