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Otoplastics are custom-made hearing protection devices specifically designed to protect your hearing in different environments. They offer a comfortable and effective sound protectiong, protecting your hearing from harmful noise levels. Otoplastics are individually measured to perfectly fit the shape of your ear, providing optimal sealing and attenuation of noise.

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When choosing otoplastics in Groeneveld, Ronell is the ideal partner. As an experienced Ronell advisor in the region, Ronell acts as your permanent point of contact for all your hearing protection needs. Here are Some advantages of choosing otoplastics from Ronell:




On-site measuring, checking and instruction, without call-out charges

Ronell provides fitting of otoplastics, performs checks and offers instructions, all at your location, at no extra cost.

Free periodic leak tests

Ronell offers free periodic leak tests to ensure your otoplastics are functioning properly and providing the right protection.

Fit check and instruction upon delivery, so safety right from the start

Upon delivery, Ronell checks the fit of your otoplastics and provides instructions for correct use, allowing you to benefit from optimal safety right from the start.

No standard replacement, preventing unnecessary costs

Ronell ensures that your otoplastics are not replaced unnecessarily, saving you costs while maintaining the protection you need.

Integration with communication solutions

Ronell offers otoplastics that can be integrated with communication solutions, allowing you to communicate effectively in noisy environments.

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Smart filters, optimum attenuation and speech intelligibility

Ronell's otoplastics feature smart filters that ensure optimal attenuation of harmful noise and preservation of speech intelligibility.

>> Our filters


2 Year warranty including free replacement in case of leakage within 2 years

Ronell offers a 2-year warranty on your otoplastics, including free replacement if leakage occurs within this period.

Complies with requirements of recent legislation EU Regulation 2016/425 (required from 21 April 2019)

Ronell's otoplastics meet the requirements of EU Regulation 2016/425, which means they comply with the recent legislation on hearing protection devices.

What applications are there?

Ronell offers a wide range of otoplastics to meet various needs.We share our best choice in otoplastics:

Acrylic Protector

The Acrylic Protector is made of durable resin material and is actually the most widely used variant. You can choose from six different filters and these otoplastics are suitable for various sectors. Moreover, you benefit from all the advantages Ronell has to offer.


basic protector


Silicon Protector

Our Silicon Protector offers otoplastics made of high-quality silicone material. These otoplastics are soft, comfortable and offer excellent noise protection. They are suitable for use in various industries and different filters are available to meet your specific needs.


soft otoplastics

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The Communicator is a distinctive design with otoplastics equipped with built-in speakers and audio cables. These otoplastics are specially designed to enable effective communication without annoying noise. They are available with various filters and are ideal for use in transport and other communication-intensive environments.


otoplastics with commuication


Food Proof Protector

The Food Proof Protector is an excellent choice for the food industry and related sectors. These otoplastics are made of resin or silicone and have a distinctive blue colour. They feature a metal ball for detection and a detectable filter. This makes them suitable for use in the food industry, where it is essential to detect otoplastics if they accidentally enter the product.

ronell otoplastics


Aftershokz Headset

The Aftershokz headset offers a unique listening experience without the use of the ears. These otoplastics work by conduction, transmitting vibrations through the jawbone. This allows you to communicate in noisy environments without straining your hearing. They can also be combined with hearing protection for optimal noise control.


Or do you go for custom-made?

If none of the above options suit your needs, Ronell also offers custom-made otoplastics. This option allows you to define the material, filter, detection and communication options yourself. This ensures a personalised solution that perfectly matches your specific requirements.

otoplastics greenfield


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Contact Ronell today to take advantage of our extensive expertise and the benefits we offer in fitting and supplying high-quality otoplastics in Groeneveld. Protect your hearing and enjoy comfort and safety in any environment.