Custom-made earplugs

Why are custom-made earplugs a good investment?

Earplugs, they come in all shapes and sizes. And for all kinds of uses. They are widely used during festivals, for example. Or by light sleepers, to sleep through ambient noise. On this page, we provide information on specifically custom-made earplugs. Mainly used in the workplace.

In most cases, custom-made earplugs are not used. But in cases that do not involve professional use, this is not necessary either. For example, the risk of hearing damage is completely non-existent for a poor sleeper. But it is also different for a festival-goer than for those who are surrounded by loud noises at work every day. Although custom-made earplugs are also recommended for the avid festival-goer.

We'll tell you everything you need to know about custom-made earplugs on this page. From their importance to how they are made. Want to get in touch directly with a consultant to have custom-made earplugs fitted? Let us know.

The importance of custom-made earplugs

The consequences of hearing damage should not be underestimated. When it does, it leads to lifelong injuries. Such as earache, tinnitus or even deafness. But how exactly does hearing damage occur? A major cause is the dysfunction of the cilia, which are damaged by sound pressure. Damaged cilia result in them passing no, less or wrong information to the brain, causing the deafness or noise in the ears. Ever experienced a ringing in your ears after being exposed to loud noises? That is a first sign of hearing damage.

Working in an environment with high noise levels

Almost a million workers find themselves in the workplace with excessive noise levels every day. Hearing damage is not always perceived right away, as in many cases it is a slow process. Consequences of hearing damage are multifaceted. For example, a higher risk of an accident due to reduced ability to hear danger. But physical and psychological clients can also suffer from fatigue and stress.

Therefore, good hearing protection in is of great importance.

Why are custom-made earplugs a good investment?

When it comes to the purchase cost, custom-made earplugs are certainly not the cheapest option. But viewed over a longer period of time, it is the best investment that can be made when it comes to hearing protection. Indeed, custom-made earplugs have a much longer lifespan than, say, ear plugs on ear muffs.

Besides the long-term financial benefit of custom-made earplugs, there are two other important advantages. The main benefit is, of course, undisputedly the protection custom-made earplugs offer. Because the earplugs are completely custom-made to the user's ear canals, there is virtually no sound leakage. This offers optimal protection for vibrating ears, for example. But customisation also offers another advantage, namely wearing comfort. Custom-made earplugs are thus much nicer to use than, say, ear plugs.

With that, choosing custom-made earplugs is a good choice for these reasons:

  • Long service life
  • Optimal hearing protection
  • High wearing comfort

How are custom-made earplugs made?

For the fitting and production of custom-made earplugs, also known as otoplastics, we follow a set procedure; Measurement, production, delivery and leak testing.


Before producing custom-made earplugs, we perform various measurements. For example, we measure the ambient noise in which the end user will use the custom-made earplugs. Here, we look at average sound volumes and peak volumes. Of course, we also measure the end user's ears and ear canals. We do this by making an impression, which we use in our laboratory for the production of the earplugs.


We print the exact impression of the ear in our laboratory. This forms the basis for the earplugs. The copy is made of resin or silicone. Furthermore, the filter determined by the consultant is also implemented in this phase. During the production phase, any chosen details are also added. Such as a carrying cord, for example.


After production comes the moment supreme. Do the earplugs fit seamlessly on the end user's ears? For that, our advisers come and deliver the earplugs on site. At the same time, a great moment for giving advice on use and maintenance.

Engelste vertaling lektesten

We provide a two-year fit guarantee. Do the custom-made earplugs no longer fit your ears properly within two years? Then we offer the right of replacement. Our advisers are happy to visit annually to leak tests.